morris baller captionFor anyone still suffering from the delusion that the campaign for by-district council elections in Anaheim is some home-grown, kitchen-table, grass-roots effort, may I present the inaugural contribution to the Committee for District Elections – sponsored by One Anaheim: a check for $3,500 from one Morris Baller, a liberal litigator from Oakland.

And who is Morris Baller?

He’s an $805-an-hour partner in the “public interest class action” law firm of Goldstein, Borger, Dardarian & Ho  the same firm which – along with the ACLU — represented Jose Moreno and his allies in their attempt to force the adoption of by-district elections via litigation.

It’s the same Morris Baller who pocketed about $250,000 in fees, courtesy of Anaheim taxpayers, as a result of the settlement agreement that put by-district elections on the November ballot. So we have the city cutting a check to one of Moreno’s left-wing lawyers, who then kicks back $3,500 of his winnings to Moreno’s comrades at the OCCORD-run Committee for District Elections.


Ironically, Baller argued in this September 4, 2012 letter to the City of Anaheim that he and his clients Moreno et al considered putting the question of by-district council elections to a city-wide vote to be inherently discriminatory toward Latino voters. But fiddle-de-dee! With the Left it’s all about the ends – the means don’t have to be logical or intellectually honest.

The campaign report for the Committee for District Elections, which shares an address (and according to the above 497 filing a phone number) with the left-wing political advocacy group OCCORD, will be available at the end of the month. Anyone want to guess how much of the reported donations will come from left-wing unions, individuals and organizations? And how few of those will hail from Anaheim?