district polling

The liberal campaign to bring by-district council elections to Anaheim went into the field with a poll on Sunday. According to sources, it was conducted by “California Opinion Survey” and consisted of a “very one-sided 15 minute phone survey about why Anaheim voters really deserve district elections. Many questions were presented in a very prejudiced manner in that the choices were almost limited to only supporting the change,” in the words of one surveyed voter.

The poll tested the ballot arguments for and against by-district (otherwise known as single-member district) elections, as well as the favorables and unfavorables of former Mayor Curt Pringle, current Mayor Tom Tait and left-wing school board member Jose Moreno (the lead plaintiff of the ACLU lawsuit against the city seeking to force districts without an election). Respondents were also asked right direction/wrong direction questions about the city in general and the City Council in particular.

There are going to be serious resources put in to the campaign for by-district elections. This isn’t some grass-roots neighborhood campaign at work. There are deep-pocketed liberal special interests who very much want to replace at-large council elections with a by-district elections because that is the path toward achieving a near-permanent Democratic majority on the city council of Orange County’s most important city.

Who knows? Maybe the Republicans who are helping this left-wing coalition move toward that goal will wake up in time to stop selling rope to the other side.