No real surprise here, but Councilwoman Lucille Kring has pulled her nomination papers to run for mayor. She has a free ride since this is the middle if her first term.


Looks like she’s definitely running for mayor.

Neither of the other two candidates with active mayoral committees – Mayor Tom Tait and former Councilwoman Lorri Galloway – have pulled their nomination papers, but no one expects they won’t. There’s been persistent speculation that Galloway would switch to a council run, but the “Galloway for Mayor” signs popping up around Anaheim should put that to rest.

On the crazy front, William Denis Fitzgerald, the president and line member of Anaheim HOME, also pulled papers to run for mayor – as he did in 2010. I guess that means any candidate debates broadcast on cable will have to be delayed until after 10:00 pm due to Fitzgerald’s penchant for blue language and vulgarity.