Tait Believes So Much In “Electing Council Members From Neighborhoods” That He Recruited His Neighbor To Run For Council

Anaheim Insider here.

In his ballot argument for by-district council elections, Mayor Tom Tait goes on and on repeatedly that this measure is about “electing a council member from your neighborhood.”

Mayor Tait put his money where his mouth is. As a local political observer said to ,me, he believes so strongly in “electing a council member from your neighborhood” that he recruited his neighbor down the street to run for City Council!

After months of searching for a second council candidate to unseat Council members Kris Murray and Gail Eastman, it says a lot that the best the Mayor could come up with is an unknown lawyer, with little or no discernible community involvement, who lives a few doors away and has only a few weeks to introduce himself to Anaheim voters.


  1. It makes sense that Mayor Tait would recruit a trial lawyer to run for City Council. After all, Tom Tait has made it is mission to back as many lawsuits against the City as possible.

    And I wonder if Pettibone had to promise Tait he would vote to demolish Angel Stadium and build apartments on the site?

  2. Lifetime Anaheim Resident

    Speaking of the Taits and Angel Stadium has the city ever confirmed if the land he owns next door was behested to his daughter Whitney Tait? How does a young woman afford the taxes on that property?

  3. Stand for Anaheim

    Pettibone probably had to promise to do that, Reasonable Guy. I wonder if Tait and Assoc would try to get the business to do additional environmental work on the land. Hmmm……time will tell.

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