AD65: OC Register Endorses Young Kim

Young Kim

Young Kim

The Orange County Register editorial board today published an endorsement of Young Kim, who is running against incumbent Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva in Assembly District 65, which includes a significant portion of Anaheim:

As a former director of Community Relations and Asian Affairs for Rep. Ed Royce, Ms. Kim knows the district well. In her bid to serve the residents, she has focused on fixing the education system, making California more business-friendly, improving public safety and dealing with California’s crippling water and infrastructure issues.

On education, Ms. Kim said she supports charter schools, vouchers and the conclusions made in the Vergara court decision striking down the state’s two-year tenure and seniority rules, noting that the “CTA is just flat wrong.” The state should end its court fight over the decision, she said, and work toward real reforms that will make education more competitive and efficient for the state’s children.

Ms. Kim also prefers lowering economic barriers to businesses across the board – rather than the targeted tax breaks to big businesses that have become popular in Sacramento – to get more people into jobs.

As for Quirk-Silva, the editorial had this to say:

On the other hand, while Ms. Quirk-Silva touted her credentials as a moderate, she has simply not lived up to expectations as a politically independent trailblazer. Ms. Quirk-Silva has charted her own course on some issues, but the “moderate” Democrat has almost entirely voted with the majority on the session’s most controversial bills. Those include further prohibitions on the Second Amendment, such as a ban on lead ammunition for hunting, mandating paid sick leave, authorizing non-physician-performed abortions, granting the undocumented driver’s licenses, making the California Public Records Act optional for local governments and increasing the minimum wage to $10 an hour.

A sound and correct decision by the OC Register. State government needs more pro-free enterprise lawmakers like Young Kim whose priority is supporting an opportunity-generating free market, rather than expanding the scope and power of state government.


  1. Yes to more pro-free enterprise AND anti-cronyism AND ending corporate welfare lawmakers!

    • Matthew Cunningham

      How about a by-district council election system that will create a permanent Demcoratic majority on the Anaheim City Council, Allen? Will you support that, as well?

      • In your world, how much longer will at-large elections hold-off that majority? And of course, if you listened to me, maybe we could avoid it all-together!

        • As long as the voting population of Anaheim feels a Democrat council doesn’t represent their best interests. Why would you want a switch designed to institutionalize a system that unions and Dems see as their best chance of taking control through inorganic means???

  2. Stand for Anaheim

    The right choice. Sharon is horrible. BAD vote!

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