In the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, political radicals preferred to refer to that four-day orgy of violence and looting as an “uprising.” The same worldview is at work among those commemorating the rioting in Anaheim two years ago. put out an APB calling all radicals to converge on Anaheim tomorrow for a “March to End Police Terror”:

One year after the back to back, execution-style murders of Manuel Diaz and Joey Acevedo sparked an uprising in Anaheim against the police department, over 1,500 people converged for a mass statewide march to stop police terror. Please join the families of those affected by police brutality and their allied organizations for the second statewide mass march to stop police terror in the city of Anaheim.

The officers who killed Manuel, Joey, and other Anaheim residents should be jailed immediately and community control established over the police. The city council continues to drag its feet and have shown little interest in establishing real community control, focusing instead on the continued expansion of tourism. This political group is beholden to Disneyland and the hotel industry and is attempting to keep scandalous police brutality from tarnishing the image of the vacation destination by refusing to respond to the demands of the community. March with us as we demand:

Stop police terror! Jail all killer cops!
Halt Disney-sponsored gentrification!
No more racial profiling and gang injunctions!

Initiated by: Young Survivors Legacy Network; Co-Sponsored by: ANSWER Coalition; Worker-Student Alliance; Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD); and more…

The Young Survivors legacy network also refers to the street violence as an “uprising,” as if there were a political purpose to the wanton destruction of the property of innocent merchants. The Anaheim police are, as usual, portrayed as racist thugs whose reason for living is to kill innocent people for sport:

“We are here to protest police abuse and the many officers who killed and continue to kill our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and friends.”

“During the 10-month killing spree from October 2011-July 2012. Anaheim police department claimed the lives of 12 young men.”

The rioting is described antiseptically as:

“The streets of Anaheim overflowed with people demanding justice and faced militarized police who threw tear gas and blocked the entrance to City Hall.”

The Starbucks across the street from Anaheim City Hall recevied the "call for justice" loud and clear during the 2012 anti-police rioting.

The Starbucks across the street from Anaheim City Hall was on the receiving end of a “demand for justice” during the 2012 anti-police rioting.

Anyone think Starbucks will be handing out free coffee to commemorators of the “uprising”?

So, tomorrow, Anaheim once again host a conclave of anti-police radicals, socialists, anarchists and Brown Berets. It’s safe to say that a worldview in which rioting and property destruction are viewed as an people’s uprising deserving of honor and commemoration is one rejected by all but a tiny fraction of Anaheim voters.