Agustin VillegasOn Monday, a 32-year old, hard-working, devoted husband and father of four sons named Agustin Villegas was shot to death on the 91 Freeway, by an as-yet unknown assailant. Villegas had lived in Anaheim for 15 years.

From the OC Register:

At the time of the shooting Villegas, a skilled mechanic, was heading home for dinner after repairing a car for a customer on Tustin Avenue in Anaheim, [his niece, Daisy] Soto said.

Villegas, who moved to Anaheim from Mexico about 15 years ago, had a loyal client base. If customer couldn’t pay for repairs, he would often let them slide until they came up with the funds, she added.

Villegas also coached youth soccer, regularly attended church and didn’t smoke or drink to set a good example for his wife, Reyna, and their four sons: 6 months, 4, 13 and 15, said Soto.

The family is attempting to raise money for Villegas’ funeral expenses. Donations can be made online at A funeral date has not yet been set.

What a tragedy. An innocent gunned down, a wife robbed of a living husband and a four boys deprived of a devoted father determined to be a good role model for them. It’s one of those episodes that makes you shake your head and wonder why such things happen to the good ones.

Agustin Villegas was the sole support of his wife and four sons. His family could use everyone’s help. You can click on this link on to donate to a fund to raise $12,000 for for funeral expenses:

Agustin Villegas moved on to a better place on 7/15/14. He leaves behind a wife and 4 kids. We ask that you please help with funeral costs.

A fatal shooting on the 91 Freeway in Anaheim created a nightmare for our family on Monday July 14, 2014. Agustin Villegas was shot and killed in front of 2 of his 4 kids. Being the sole provider for his family we ask that you please help his wife and 4 kids with funeral costs. At this point any little bit helps.

He was the sole support of his family, and they could use our help. My family is donating, and I would ask Anaheim Blog readers to give as well.  Also, car wash and yard sale began this morning at 9:00 a.m. at Magnolia High School — 2450 W. Ball Road Blvd., Anaheim — to raise money for the family.

And just as importantly, offer up your prayers for the Villegas family and for their departed father.