OCCORD LogoOrange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD) has announced the hiring of a new executive director to take the place of founding ED Eric Altman. Altman left OCCORD to lead the campaign to create a structural Democratic majority on the Anaheim City Council via by-district elections (in which endeavor he is inexplicably being aided by Mayor Tom Tait).

The new OCCORD honcho is Ann Werboff, a veteran of the union organizing and radical politics. Given that OCCORD’s self-professed mission is to turn Orange County blue and give our v iew of the role of government in our lives a hard shove to the Left, Werboff will fit right in.

For example, here’s the conclusion of a 2009 essay from the Review of Radical Political Economics, to which she contributed as a research assistant during her time in liberal academia:

A long and severe recession could also place more radical changes on the agenda. As people confront the loss of their homes, unemployment and the associated loss of health insurance, the disappearance of much of their life savings, and the growing threat of global climate change, the arguments for a socialist alternative to capitalism can potentially ring true for millions of people. The socialist movement may be reborn in the years ahead, opening the possibility of finally ending the capitalist era.

Lovely. Maybe we’ll be treated to a 3-minute reading from the “Quotable Karl Marx” during public comments at the next Anaheim City Council meeting.

Like I said, Ms. Werboff looks like a natural fit for an left-wing advoacacy group people by folks who were actually saddened at the passing of Venezuela’s socialist demagogue strongman Hugo Chavez.