kris murray at OCWD 11-15Along the items on tonight’s Anaheim City Council agenda is a resolution, proposed by Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray, signifying the city’s support for preserving Proposition 13, California’s landmark initiative that rolled back property taxes and imposed strict limits on increasing them.

Liberals have hated proposition 13 since voters’ overwhelmingly approved it in 1978. It is about the only tax advantage California has vis-a-vis other states, and it is the last remaining protection we have against the rapacious appetite the liberal special interests running state government have for our money. These interests have been gearing up for to make another run at killing Proposition 13 via the “split roll” – removing Proposition 13’s protections from non-residential property.

The more cities that pas resolutions like Kris Murray’s the better; I’d be surprised if her resolution received anything less than unanimous support from her council colleagues.