This came over the transom from the City of Anaheim:


ANAHEIM, Calif. (July 21, 2014) – Anaheim residents can look forward to nearly 100 capital improvement projects for 2014/15. As part of the City of Anaheim’s $1.6 billion approved budget for this fiscal year, the City is committed to the community and improving its neighborhoods and infrastructure.

Capital improvements projects include:

• Anaheim Convention Center
• Community and Economic Development
• Electric
• Libraries
• Parks
• Sewer and Storm Drains
• Streets
• Transit
• Water

Highlights include:

• Improvements to streets, including roadway construction and reconstruction, electric undergrounding, and new traffic signals at various locations citywide

• Opening or renovation of parks and community centers, including two dog parks (at La Palma Park and Olive Hills Park), Paul Revere Park, Miraloma Park and Community Center, and Ponderosa Park, Gym and Family Resource Center

• Pedestrian improvements in the Anaheim Canyon Business District, including urban greening and safe walkways. More than 32% of Anaheim’s jobs are located in this district

• Transit corridor beautification, including historic street lighting and landscaping

• Upgraded sewer and storm drains at various locations throughout the City

• Water system upgrades at various locations, including the Linda Vista Reservoir and Pump Station, which can provide up to one-third of water needs for Anaheim customers on a daily basis

By approving the Fiscal Year 2014/15 budget, the City Council committed to a community investment of more than $316 million for new or improved parks and community centers, continuing street and transportation improvements, and utility system upgrades. The FY 2014/15 budget, approved on June 17, represents an increase of 3.7% from the previous year.

Based on the five-year General Fund plan, the City will include an additional $2.9 million in public safety and neighborhood service enhancements on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the City added $3 million in one-time projects and purchases to benefit both neighborhood services and public safety, funded by additional revenue in the current year primarily from increased transient occupancy tax (TOT) and sales tax.

For additional information about the nearly 100 capital improvement projects, please visit In addition, maps and information on the capital projects are on display at City Hall, Anaheim’s Community and Youth Centers, and Central, Euclid, Sunkist and Canyon libraries.

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