One thing about radicals is they love to photograph themselves “fighting the power,” and Saturday’s anti-police march/protest in Anaheim was no exception. As they marched from Stoddard Park to Disneyland, the gaggle of revolutionaries, anarchists in Guy Fawkes masks, socialists, ethnic militants and local anti-police radicals posted a photo-chronicle of themselves on various social media outlets – allowing us to see their aggressive efforts to “bring peace to the community.”

There are quite a few on the Twitter feed of the ACSA Collective, which  acts “in solidarity with Anarcho-Syndicalists, Anarcha-Feminists, Black Flag militants, Queer Anarchists, The IWW, and any other libertarian socialist movement” – and judging by their “acting in solidarity” with Saturday’s marchers, local anti-police activists could be included on that laundry list. Here are some representative photos:

acevedo march cops are bastards

acsc anarchy in disneyland

Acsc taking the streets

acsc kkkops


Here’s a lovely patriotic photo from CassandraRules, an extreme leftist who is popular on radical social media. She’s one of a small army of radicals who spend their time organizing and attending these kinds of protests (how they earn a living, I don’t know):


“Suck it flag wavers” – is there anything more rewarding that seeing those raised in the bosom of freedom, spitting on those who love their country?

Now that the Anaheim protest is over, leftist-on-the-go CassandraRules has moved on to comparing Israel defending itself from Hamas to the Nazi Holocaust:

Cassandra compare israel to nazis

Search #opAnaheim on Twitter or go to Revolution News for more photos of radicals in action in Anaheim.

Anaheim City Council candidate Donna Acevedo has posted quite a few photos on her Facebook page:

anarchists KKKcops


Here’s a larger version of that photo:



Yes, you are reading that correctly: “Kill the KKKop In Your Head.” In other words: cops are Klansmen, but don’t kill them physically – just mentally. Keep this one in mind next time you hear, during public comments at Anaheim City Council, the usual claims of not being “anti-cop, just against bad cops.”  Ugly signs and sentiments like this are not unusual at these marches, and organizers of the Anaheim anti-police marches welcome them into their ranks.

Here’s a militant holding an anti-police sign from the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL):

Acevedo PSL marcher
The PSL is a standard presence at these gatherings.

I came across a couple of posts — here and here – by Donald Douglas, an Orange Countian who runs a blog called American Power and covered Saturday’s protest – at least, until marchers grabbed his iPhone and threw it over a wall.

I had a similar experience while covering last year’s anti-cop protest in Anaheim when a protester got in my face and grabbed my iPhone out of my hand, and later a group of anarchists wrapped my in yellow police tape – because the Left is all about diversity, tolerance and dialogue (as long as it’s on their terms).

Here are video clips Douglas took and uploaded to Vine (before protesters took his iPhone).