Council Election Update: Donna Acevedo Pulls Papers

anarchists KKKcopsAnti-police activist Donna Acevedo filed her formal intention to run for city council back in March of this year.

She has now taken the next step by pulling nomination papers, which have to be returned completed with the requisite number of valid signatures by 5:00 p.m. on August 8.

That brings to five the number of candidates who have pulled papers to run for city council:

  • Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray
  • Councilwoman Gail Eastman
  • Jerry O’Keefe
  • Doug Pettibone
  • Donna Acevedo

James Vanderbilt (one half of the Tait Slate) has not yet pulled nomination papers.



  1. Acevedo can have those anarchists walk precincts for her in their hoodies and black bandanas over their faces. That will win her votes!

  2. Donna is a nice, earnest woman. I don’t see the wisdom in framing her as the opponent. Well, I didn’t, but now that she is a candidate, I guess it is inevitable.

  3. She’ll get blown out of the water. There’s too many good people still living in Anaheim. This proves just how out of touch with reality Donna Acevedo is. First she thinks that her son, a documented gang member, is a good guy and the cops are all bad guys. And now this…

  4. She’s a joke. If she gets elected and Denis Fitzgerald calls her a ________, how will she react?

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