Kris Murray: Convention Center Expansion A “Win-Win for Anaheim”

This came over the transom yesterday from Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray:

convention center image


Expansion of Convention Center Approved

Win-Win for Anaheim

Creating New Jobs & New Revenue for City Neighborhoods

Last night, my council colleagues and I approved a financing plan for the 7th expansion of the Anaheim Convention Center since it was built in 1967, creating thousands of new skilled jobs and generating millions in new economic activity for the City. Hundreds of supporters filled the council chambers expressing strong, vocal support for the expansion.

The expansion will be 100% privately financed with funding made available by a 2% increase in the City’s Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) that Anaheim and Garden Grove hotels in the designated resort area self assessed themselves in 2010, establishing the Anaheim Tourism Improvement District (ATID).

This expansion is estimated to create 1,860 jobs during construction and 2,043 new jobs supported annually. As well as bring in 14 new conventions and trade shows, 160,000 attendees and 450,000 attendee days. And for Anaheim taxpayers, the expansion creates a total net city benefit of $577.3 million over the next 30 years for city services. This expansion is a huge win-win for Anaheim!

Please take a moment to review the presentation given at last night’s Council meeting by the City’s Finance Director Debbie Moreno, underscoring the significant new funding for city services generated by this expansion.

The Convention Center and greater resort district are the economic engine of our city – and the success of these city assets is the reason Anaheim is now in a position to increase general fund reserves, hire more police and fire fighters, and invest in parks, libraries, graffiti abatement, and city services for all of Anaheim’s residents. Add to that, the City’s nearly 100 capital improvement projects budgeted this year, including two new community centers in distressed neighborhoods, renovations to seven parks, upgrades to streets citywide, as well as investments in energy, water and improved sewer systems.

For more than 60 years, Anaheim’s city leadership has been committed to a vision of creating a world-class destination for visitors around the globe and our residents have enjoyed the benefits: lower taxes with improved city services.

To learn more about the Anaheim Convention Center expansion, visit the City’s website.


  1. Voila: 2% increase of the TOT.
    OCGOP should take note of this and not endorse Murray’s reelection if she seeks their endorsement.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Allen: what the OC GOP ought to take note of is that you are spreading misinformation.

      For one thing, as the newsletter you read yourself notes, the ATID was adopted in 2010 – before Kris Murray was on the city council. So you can hardly “blame” her for it.

      Secondly, the ATID is not a tax increase (the newsletter could have explained the ATID better). It is a self-assessment by participating hotels, i.e. they “tax” themselves voluntarily to fund the promotion and marketing of the Resort District. The only reason city council have a role in the formation of TID is to preclude anti-trust issues.

      I thought you’d like to be in possession of the truth before you run around Twitter accusing Kris Murray of being a “tax-hiker.”

  2. Clearly Mr. Wilson can’t read. The newsletter clearly states the hotels in Anaheim and Garden Grove “self assessed” themselves in 2010 for this purpose. What a moron. And a moron who doesn’t live in Anaheim weighing in on our programs.

    This expansion is important. Tait and his friends suing the city are way out of line.

  3. Stand for Anaheim

    Mr. Wilson- the ATID 2% was voluntarily done by all of the hoteliers. They created it and they can undo it.

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