moreno becomes democratThe period for Anaheim council and mayoral candidates to pull nomination papers opened on July 14, and closes at 5:00 p.m. on August 8.

Thus far, presumed Tait Slate member James Vanderbilt is the only candidate for either mayor or city council who has not pulled papers. I reached out to Vanderbilt via e-mail to ask if he still plans to pull papers for council this November.

On Friday, I posted about growing speculation that Vanderbilt would not pull the trigger and that his fellow ACSD Board of Education member (and ACLU lead plaintiff against the city) Jose Moreno would throw his hat in the ring instead, as either an open or sub rosa member of the Tait Slate.

The chances of that happening took a nose dive yesterday when Moreno pulled papers to run for re-election to the ACSD Board:

Moreno 7-28

Is that the end of the story? Not quite.  Filing doesn’t close for 11 days (counting today). I’m still inclined to think Vanderbilt goes for council while Moreno sticks to running for re-election to the ACSD Board (having cleverly side-stepped in ACSD the by-district elections he’s demanding for the City of Anaheim) and running for council in 2016 if the voters adopt by-district council elections.

Also, yesterday Moreno switched his registration from NPP to Democrat (yes, I realize most readers assumed he already was one). Moreno cited the Democratic Party’s strong support for by-district council elections in Anaheim. I think that’s makes it even less likely he will run for council this year. I don’t believe he would run for council against the Pettibone/Vanderbilt ticket, and his new status as a Democrat would prevent him from being an open member of the Tait Sate because that would almost certainly doom what is otherwise a likely OC GOP endorsement of the mayor’s re-election. 

Still, Vanderbilt’s name won’t be on the ballot unless he returns valid nomination papers (which he hasn’t even pulled yet), and 11 days is plenty of time for a switcharoo to happen.