Anaheim City Council 2014 Update: James Vanderbilt and The Other Jose Moreno Pull Papers


Jose “Joe” Moreno

It looks as if the City Hall watchers had it right: James Vanderbilt has finally pulled his nomination papers to run for Anaheim City Council. If he returns them by 5:00 p.m. Friday with enough valid signatures, the inaugural member of the Tait Slate will be qualified for the ballot.

The most interesting candidate news of the day is Jose Moreno pulling papers for Anaheim City Council. Not Jose F. Moreno, newly-minted Democrat and left-wing college professor who sued Anaheim seeking to impose by-district elections without a vote of the citizenry. I speak of Jose “Joe” Moreno, who was Democrat Tom Daly’s Republican opponent in the 69th Assembly District in 2012 (interestingly, Vanderbilt, a Republican, endorsed Daly over Jose “Joe” Moreno).

I don’t really know Joe Moreno personally, other than that he is a conservative Republican, active volunteer, a nice guy and family man with six children. He filed a declaration of candidacy on July 16 to run for Anaheim Union High School District in Trustee Area 2, but has apparently changed his mind.

His candidacy clearly hurts Jose F. Moreno’s putative council bid. It’s never helpful when another candidate for the same office has the same name. I’ll bet dollars-to-donuts Joe Moreno will be getting phone calls trying to talk him out of running for council race — perhaps from (among others) C GOP Central Committee activist Tim Whitacre, who is now reported to have been hired by the Tait campaign but who was instrumental in Joe Moreno running for Assembly in 2012.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.




  1. Joe’s a solid, common sense guy with his feet on the ground. He’d make a good councilman. I’m sure Tom Tait and his goons are all over Joe to drop out, but I hope he stays strong and stays in.

  2. I hope Joe knows to keep a very detailed record of all efforts made to get him to drop out of the race.

  3. This must be a stunt engineered by the Kleptocracy. There is no other possible explanation, or I would have thought of it.

    • Greg Diamond's shattered reputation

      Joe has a job, which is more than we can say about Dave Zenger, Vern Nelson, Greg Diamond and Dan Lamb. Joe will stay in the race.

      • David Zenger doesn’t need a petty job. He can sustain himself on the brilliance of his insight. What need does Greg Diamond have of a productive occupation? He can stiff his landlord when necessary, and avoid paying his party dues by claiming hardship.

        Daniel Lamb does need money to pay his bar association dues, though.

  4. I think Dan Lamb got kicked out of the club.

    So now there is ONE Anaheim resident blogging over there (part time).

    So if you took the entire CATER organization and the OJB Anaheim blogger, you’d have enough for a one on one basketball game!

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