Mayoral/Council Candidate Update – August 6

There’s a little more than 48 hours left before the August 8 deadline for mayoral and council candidates to qualify for the ballot. Here’s a quick summary of who has qualified and who hasn’t.

Candidates Who have Qualified


  • Lorri Galloway
  • Denis Fitzgerald


  • Kris Murray
  • Jerry O’Keefe
  • Donna Acevedo

Candidates Who Have Not Qualified 


  • Lucillie Kring
  • Tom Tait


  • Gail Eastman
  • Jose “Joe” Moreno
  • James Vanderbilt
  • Doug Pettibone
  • Robert “Bob” Tiscareno

The Anaheim City Clerk updates the candidate roster every evening, so we’ll see what this day brings.

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