Council Elections 2014: Jose F. Moreno Pulls Papers for City Council

Jose Moreno megaphone croppedAs was predicted on this blog and over at, Jose F. Moreno – Anaheim City School District trustees, litigant against the city and left-wing activist — has pulled papers to run for Anaheim City Council.

While Moreno had pulled papers on July 28 to seek re-election to the ACSD Board, that widely came to be seen as a political head fake as news about his planned entry into the council race (long-rumored) began to leak out at the beginning of the week.

Word on the street has been that Moreno will hold a press conference tomorrow morning in front of City Hall.

As a controversial figure well to the left politically of most Anaheim residents, Moreno already face an uphill battle against two incumbents. His odds are further diminished by the entry into the race of Jose “Joe” Moreno, a conservative Republican (assuming Joe Moreno remains in the race despite the high likelihood he has been on the receiving end of serious lobbying to drop out).


  1. Jose Moreno, the one who wrote the incessently bitter book about his flawed contention that U.S. schools have deprived Latino children of an education for 150 years, is a verbally long winded and boring candidate for city council. Donna Acevedo is more exciting and much better qualified to run for city council.

  2. Any word when the announcement will happen today? Will Tait be there?

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