This went out from the campaign of Jose F. Moreno (Anaheim’s only “Spanish-speaking, Spanish-dominant, Latino-surnamed” local elected official) this afternoon:

Dear Friend,
I am excited to announce that today I officially filed my paperwork to be a candidate for Anaheim City Council.
My wife, Lorena, and I have been married 15 years and are the proud parents of four beautiful girls. I am a longtime Anaheim resident, President of Anaheim’s School Board, where I’ve served for eight years, and an active member of many community organizations and causes.
I believe that Anaheim’s blessings are its people and its resources. Our neighborhoods and our families are what set this city apart. I’m running because I want to bring engaged, honest, and accountable leadership back to City Hall. Leadership that not only protects Anaheim’s fiscal stability but also supports small businesses, promotes public safety, ensures that our children have safe parks where they can play with their parents and grandparents, provides anti-gang afterschool programs, modernizes our infrastructure, and fosters jobs that families can live on.

During my time on the School Board, despite millions in state cutbacks, student achievement increased; schools were built and modernized on time and on budget; and innovative programs were developed in science, music, arts, and languages. As your Councilman, I will work with citizens across the city and the political spectrum to make Anaheim a world-class city for tourists, composed of world-class neighborhoods for residents.
I want our children to grow up in a greater, better Anaheim. We can, and we will, work together to help everyone thrive.
I look forward to discussing my ideas and hearing about the issues that are important to you in the weeks and months ahead.
Let’s make history together!

Dr. Jose F. Moreno
P.S. This campaign will take passion and grassroots energy to be successful. It will also take financial resources to fight back against the special interests who want to keep Anaheim in their pockets. Would you please consider making an online contribution today to help us get off to a great start?

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I clicked on the link for his campaign website and noticed the mailing address at the bottom. For a guy has been campaigning, in one form or another, for “neighbors electing neighbors,” it’s a kind of off-message to have a Fullerton mailing address for your campaign for Anaheim City Council.

As it turns out, the Moreno for Anaheim City Campaign’s mailing address is that of Fullerton resident Tammi McIntyre, the treasurer of Democrats of North Orange County.