Final (Sort Of) Mayoral/Council Candidate List

Here’s the semi-final list of mayoral and council candidates who have qualified for the November ballot (Lucille Kring and Jose “Joe” Moreno are still pending the final verification of their signatures):


Tom Tait

Denis Fitzgerald

Lorri Galloway



Gail Eastman

Kris Murray

James Vanderbilt

Doug Pettibone

Jerry O’Keefe

Jose F. Moreno

Donna Acevedo

Assuming Kring and Jose “Joe” Moreno do qualify (a reasonable assumption), there will be four (three Republicans and one Democrat) mayoral candidates and eight council candidates (six GOPers and two Dems) on the ballot.


  1. Go Tait!
    End crony capitalism!

    • Crony capitalism only exists in the warped minds of Tait and his band of sycophants. Hope his reign of hate ends soon!

      • Seeing how Tait’s mind appears to be the only one grounded in reality, that’s a nice compliment, PC.

        You’re literally going to see an entire campaign based on how much money three “Republicans” have spent– and a giant parade of endorsements from those who materially benefited from those checks being cut.

        If that’s not crony capitalism, I don’t know what is.

        But hey, this is supposed to be fun! Three cheers for November. Off into moderation this comment goes.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          Well, Ryan. 1) thank for the preview, not that the Tait camp line of attack was any secret. 2) that’s not what crony capitalism is and 3) you might want to re-consider your hasty re-definition of the term. It cuts different ways.

          • 1) I have no idea what the Tait camp line of attack is.

            2) Are you claiming to be an expert in crony capitalism? Shocking.

            3) You might want to reconsider your use of hyphens.

            • Well, at least I can get some satisfaction that a few spam comments were published without even so much as a blink from you while this one sat in moderation.

              But hey, I get why you’re trying to squash li’ll ole me. It’s a little sad, but I get it.

              • Matthew Cunningham

                Gloriaski – is this your planet and we just live on it?

                I don’t know why those spam comments get through the spam filter. It’s annoying. But they do.

                As for trying to “squash” you. Dude, give me a break – and try to be a little less self-regarding.

                • Well, I do have the FANTASTIC honor of being personally moderated by you with each and every single comment I make. In fact, most of my comments don’t even see the light of day without a direct (and often dismissive like this one) reply from you.

                  I’m sorry– just how many other commenters get that dubious distinction from you?


                  Maybe a little less focus on me. Maybe a little more focus on spam.

                  • Matthew Cunningham

                    “I’m sorry– just how many other commenters get that dubious distinction from you?”

                    Several, in fact. Sorry – you’re not special in that regard.

                    And if my responding to your comments is bothersome, I can always ignore them.

                    • I’m sure every one of them gets the same love that I do, too. Priceless.

                      Have a sweet weekend, Matt. We’ll have plenty of fun over the next few months– you and I.

            • Matthew Cunningham

              “I have no idea what the Tait camp line of attack is”
              – Ryan Cantor, August 8, 2014 at 11:30 p.m.

              “You’re literally going to see an entire campaign based on how much money three “Republicans” have spent”
              – Ryan Cantor, August 8, 2014 at 11:07 p.m.

              Ryan, at least let more than 23 minutes elapse before contradicting yourself.

              Other than that, your comment is a waste of keystrokes.

              • Well . . . Matt. I’m not exactly sure how to explain this to you . . .

                I’m very much aware of what MY line of attack is going to be. You get that’s not the same thing as “the Tait camp”, don’t you?

    • Go Tait!

      Thanks for helping us Democrats take over Anaheim!

      • Sick of politics

        Take over OC Dem? And people wonder where this us vs. them mentality comes from. So much for working together to improve quality of life for anaheim residents.

  2. Pick and choose what comments are allowed to be published is amazing shows the credibility of the editor(s).

    Yes, go Tait! It has nothing to do with Democrats taking over Anaheim.
    However, if you want to end crony capitalism, the start act like a Conservative limited government Republican instead of a “rob Peter to pay Paul” Democrat.

    Crony Capitalists don’t want to find real work like many others does in Anaheim or surrounding communities, because crony capitalists wants it the easy way by living through the trough at taxpayers expense.

    Crony Capitalist Republicans should be ashamed of themselves and might as well be a Democrat for all I care.

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