It’s Official: Tait, Pettibone and Vanderbilt Running As A Slate

According to this campaign HQ grand opening invite on the Tom Tait campaign website, he personally recruited James Vanderbilt and Doug Pettibone, and their campaigns will share a campaign headquarters. In other words, this is the official “Tait Slate.”


Anaheim City Council Candidate DOUG PETTIBONE

Anaheim City Council Candidate JAMES VANDERBILT

Cordially invite you to attend their



Saturday, August 16th, 2014

10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

50 South Anaheim Blvd., Suite 90

Anaheim, California 92805

(Southeast corner of Anaheim Blvd./Lincoln Ave.)

Mayor Tait has stood up time and again in 4 to 1 votes on behalf of his fellow Anaheim residents. He has consistently voted on his principles for the people of Anaheim! It’s time to re-elect him for another term.

Mayor Tait realizes without 2 more votes on the City Council, his lone vote is of no benefit in changing the outcome of bad proposals for Anaheim communities. He has asked two principled and upstanding long-time Anaheim residents to run for election to City Council this November. Candidates Doug Pettibone and James Vanderbilt are exactly what Anaheim needs right now – Councilmembers whose votes won’t be swayed by special interests when it comes to representing Anaheim.

Come meet ‘TEAM ANAHEIM’ and talk with all three of them one-on-one. Invite your friends and neighbors to do the same. Together, these three individuals will return the focus of the Anaheim City Council back to representing the people first!

Please RSVP to Tyler at or call 714-606-4005. Walk-ins welcome!


  1. Oh happy DAY and perhaps it is a bit early but congratulations to our future Mayor Kring and her outstanding POWER GIRL team: Councilwomen Murray and Eastman!!!!!!!! This day just gets better and better!

  2. What about the Fitzgerald, Acevedo, Moreno ticket?

  3. So Mayor Kindness lies about city programs and attacks his colleagues because he’s on the losing end of a 4-1 vote when he flipped on every issue he ran on in 2010. Now he wants to fill the council with two bobble heads who’ve sworn allegiance to vote his way? And what happens when they become informed and choose some independence like Murray and Eastman who ran with Tait in 2010? Are they prepared to have their character and integrity attacked by Tait and his goons – I doubt it.

    • True. People forget Tait ran on a slate in 2010, too: with Murray and Eastman. When they voted differently from him on an issue, he turned on them instead of finding a way to continue working together.

      Tait went after Murray and Eastman. Not the other way around. That’s been forgotten.

  4. Fret not Proud Colonist – I can hear the wailing all the way from south of the border. Garden Grove’s favorite mayor is about to leave the building. Let the countdown begin.

  5. I am concerned about the implication that Tait already has these votes promised to him, isn’t that illegal?

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