Election 2014: Final Candidates List with Ballot Titles; Kring and Jose “Joe” Moreno Qualify

According to our sources, this morning Lucille Kring qualified as a candidate for mayor and Jose “Joe” Moreno as a candidate for city council.

Here’s the final list of candidates, along with their ballot titles:


Denis Fitzgerald — Retired Corporation Executive

Lorri Galloway – Abused Children Executive

Lucille Kring – Councilwoman/Attorney/Businesswoman

Tom Tait – Mayor of Anaheim



Donna Acevedo – Property Manager

Gail Eastman – Councilmember/Businesswoman/Author

Jose F. Moreno (1) – Professor, Trustee, Anaheim City School District

Jose Moreno (2) – County Eligibility Technician

Kris Murray – Anaheim Council Member

Jerry O’Keefe – Business Owner

Doug Pettibone – Anaheim Businessman/Attorney

James Vanderbilt – Educator/Army Captain

UPDATED: The City Clerk has posted the list online. 

These are in alphabetical order. The final ballot order will be determined after the randomized alphabet drawing is conducted on August 14 by the Secretary of State.

The public review period for candidate statements and ballot titles started on Saturday and continues through August 18. During this period:

“…any person may file a writ of mandate or an injunction to require any or all of the material in a Candidate’s Statement to be amended or deleted. For candidate names and Ballot Designations, a writ may also be filed only upon clear and convincing proof that the material in question is false, misleading, or inconsistent with requirements.”

It doesn’t appear to me that any of the candidates chose ballot titles that could be challenged, with the possible exception of Vanderbilt. Near as I can tell, Vanderbilt works for the California Department of Veterans Affairs as an “education administrator” for the California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education. That doesn’t sound like a teaching position, and when voters see “educator” they think “teacher.” Furthermore, being a school board member doesn’t make one an “educator.” At best, it is a highly misleading ballot title. 


  1. Thanks for this news.

    But I have one question – why weren’t Kring and Moreno-Joe not “certified on Friday?

    I read the Saturday paper and they were listed as possible candidates. I checked this out this morning, and found out that both Kring and Moreno-Joe submitted their paperwork around 4 pm on Friday.

    Why couldn’t the city clerk do her job before 5 pm- and why did she tell the press on Friday that all candidates were “certified” except Kring and M-J?

    It sounds like someone is playing favorites!

    And if you think it is all kosher, then explain why the clerk was able to provide this approved list of candidates, including Kring and M-J by 9 AM Monday morning?

    What new information did she get between Friday at 4 and Monday at 9?

    Things still stink in the city of Anaheim!

  2. Attorney Who Knows

    Jose Moreno’s use of his profession AND his school board member position violates state elections code:

    (g) A candidate who chooses to include the name of his or her elective office with another profession, vocation, or occupation may do so pursuant to Elections Code section 13107(a)(3), but that ballot designation shall be limited to no more than three words. Examples of acceptable designations under this section include “State Senator/Rancher,” “California Assemblywoman/Attorney,” “County Supervisor/Teacher,” and “State Controller/Businessman.” Examples of unacceptable designations under this section include “Assemblyman, 57th District/Educator,” “California State Senator/Architect,” “Placer County Supervisor/Business Owner,” and “Member, Board of Equalization/Banker.”

    Moreno needs to choose one or the other.

  3. Matt: Can you explain the numerical numbers(1.2) placed before the names of Jose Moreno.

    Also, I thought candidates could use up to three words for their ballot disignationbut noticed everyone but Jose F Moreno complied. Why the special privilege?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      I think those are just for differentiation purposes. I doubt they’ll be designated that way on the ballot, since their names aren’t identical.

  4. Seriously though… does the OC GOP know what Tait is doing? Has anyone over there asked why he is doing a “Tait Slate” that has two no-names as opposed to two proven women GOP leaders?

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