Powerpac.org logoAs I reported last week, of the $101,100 reported by the campaign to convince Anaheim voters to adopt by-district council districts, not a penny comes from Anaheim.

93% of the “Committee for District Elections” funding is “dark money” – meaning its true sources are undisclosed. Half of that is from a liberal issues advocacy group from San Francisco – PowerPac.org.

The obvious question is why does a political interest group from the San Francisco Bay Area think changing the why far-away Anaheim elects its council is so important that it plows $45,000 into the effort?

PowerPac.org describes its mission as:

“direct[ing] financial and human resources to strategic local and state legislative fights, ballot initiatives, and other campaigns by organizing donors who are committed to social justice politics. We identify priority areas for investment and help donors achieve maximum political impact with their political giving.

Our process includes conducting research and analysis on the political landscape, identifying critical social justice issues to bring more voters – particularly voters of color – into the political process.

PowerPAC believes that the most effective way to build political power for historically underrepresented constituencies is to invest in long-term political infrastructure that can be mobilized for short-term victories.” [Emphasis added]

“Social justice politics” is left-wing jargon that translates into bigger government, redistributive taxation, and intensive regulation of the marketplace.

The obvious inference is PowerPac.org sees the obvious – by-district elections are a structural means to shift Anaheim politics to the Left – and is bringing left-wing donor resources to bear to make it happen.

I called PowerPac.org to ask about their support for by-district elections in Anaheim. The veyr pleasant person who answered the phone said she was passing my request along to their vice president and assured me someone would be in contact with me. So stay tuned – I doubt any other media outlet or blog will be reporting on this.