The Secretary of State conducted the randomized alphabet drawing today, and here is the ballot order for the Anaheim mayoral and council candidates:

1. Lorri Galloway
2. Tom Tait
3. Denis Fitzgerald
4. Lucille Kring

1. Doug Pettibone
2. Jerry O’Keefe
3. James Vanderbilt
4. Donna Acevedo
5. Jose F. Moreno (1)
6. Jose Moreno (2)
7. Kris Murray
8. Gail Eastman

The number drawing for the two Jose Morenos takes place today at 4:30 p.m.

UPDATE (5:02 p.m. ON 8/14/14): I just spoke with City Clerk Linda Andal. The number drawing was held. I have updated the ballot order above accordingly.

UPDATE (9:12 a.m. on 8/15/14): Here’s the actual randomized alphabet. I’ve highlighted the letters that start the last names of the council candidates:

randomized alphabet