As if things couldn’t get any crazier in Anaheim, now there is a Chavista media outlet owned by Venezeula, Cuba, Nicaragua and other left-wing regimes Latin American regimes sponsoring negative political “news” about Anaheim.

Roberto Lovato, a left-wing writer from Los Angeles who thinks America is under the thumb of a corporate dictatorship that used government and the police to oppress Latinos, produced this “news report” on Anaheim politics for TeleSUR English.

TeleSUR is based in Caracas, Venezuela. It was founded by Hugo Chavez, the socialist, virulently anti-American dictator who died in 2013. The Venezuelan government owns a majority stake in TeleSUR, with the remainder owned by Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela. TeleSUR English was established to carry the network’s left-wing, anti-American content to American audiences. Think Pravda, in Spanish (and now English).

Lovato’s ideology bleeds through in this August 3, 2014 article about Anaheim in Colorlines:

The response to the situation by both the Anaheim police and the media has magically moved reports of violence away from the concerns of Smith and other residents and on to the “violence” of “outside protesters”—kicking police cars, burning garbage cans, vandalism.

I like how he puts “violence” and “outside protesters” in quotes, as if there was no violence and looting during the riots, and as if those riots and subsequent marches weren’t dominated by professional, out-of-town agitators. Thank you, Mr. Lovato, for demonstrating denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

In this uncritical propaganda piece about Anaheim politics, everything is viewed through a racial lens and drips with left-wing sensibilities:

Lovato introduces his piece with hackneyed faux eloquence:

“Anaheim is contrast. Anaheim is conflict. Anaheim is inequality. Anaheim is where the past is fighting with the future to determine the present of us all.”

Maybe that kind of world-historical swill makes them swoon and nod at Occupy meetings, but it’s an unrecognizable description of their city to the majority of Anaheim resident.

Lovato starts with an interview with Gabriel San Roman of the OC Weekly in front of Disneyland. It’s pretty unremarkable, although San Roman’s characterization of the 2012 rioting as an “uprising” and “unrest” speaks volumes. Left-wing intellectuals and their direct-action counterparts romanticize urban rioting and looting as “uprising.” To the average working voter – not to mention merchants who are on the receiving end of “uprisings” — rioting is criminality and lawlessness.

Lovato spends most of the segment interviewing Anaheim City Council candidate Donna Acevedo, who gives a sanitized version of the 2012 incident between Anaheim police her son Joel and two others, which ended with the police shooting Mr. Acevedo. She goes on to say the Anaheim police really only care about protecting Disney.

Lovato wraps about his “news” segment with a odd, choppy interview with Lucille Kring that comes across as heavily edited – in contrast to his interviews with San Roman and Acevedo. Lovato questions Kring about at-large versus by-district elections, and the way he frames his questions make it abundantly clear he comes from the school of thought that elevates race and ethnicity above citizenship and believes Latinos can only be authentically represented by Latinos. 

It’s worth watching the video of only to get an idea of the increasing focus the political Left is putting on Anaheim and the importance placed on pushing Anaheim to the Left politically.