Why Are Leftists Attracted To Mayor Tait’s Campaign?

Anaheim Insider here.

I was sent this photo taken at Tom Tait’s election campaign grand opening this weekend. It’s a photo of the Mayor chatting it up with a supporter named Carlos Becerra:

Tait Carlos Becerra

[Photo credit: Allen Wilson]

Background information on Mr. Becerra was also provided that makes clear he is a very radical leftist activist who is hostile to property rights, wants to get rid of the free enterprise system, and denounces Anaheim police officers as thugs and “a gang.”  This is Becerra’s view of law enforcement:

Police are murderers

Activists volunteer their time and support to candidates who share their views and whom they believe will advances the causes and issues they believe in. Becerra is very impassioned about the direction in which he wants Anaheim politics and government to move. That direction is a sharp turn to the left.

So why does someone who is fighting for leftist policies in Anaheim supporting Tom Tait’s re-election? Why does someone who thinks the police of murderers and wants society to “transition” away from private property want Tom Tait to be mayor for four more years.

Mayor Tait knows Becerra, knows what his politics and views are, and obviously is perfectly comfortable that his track record as mayor has attracted the support of a committed local leftist.

Becerra isn’t an isolated example. Mayor Tait presents himself as the conservative conscience of the City Council, yet he’s attracted significant support from the more radical elements of Anaheim politics. These activists are delusional in their political beliefs, but they aren’t stupid when it comes to identifying candidates who will advance the policies they support. Orange County conservatives should be disturbed and alarmed by the level of support Mayor Tait has from radical activists, and start re-examining their assumptions about Mayor Tait’s politics.


  1. I would appreciate you give credit as to who took the photo: ME!
    For the record, that photo was taken from my Instagram, which I posted on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.
    I did not not know who Carlos Becerra was.

    However, Tait is running a broad based campaign that supports his efforts to bring the community together and stop crony capitalism.

    Bloggers like this blog are hardly journalist. Therefore, you might want to learn the phrase “Photo Credit….” on your next post(s), if any!

    • You want credit for that photo?! You must be desperate!!!

      • I am hardly desperate.
        This blog could have done the right thing, but noooooo some lame excuse opening in the article “I was sent this photo taken…”

        • It’s not a “lame excuse,” Allen. Someone sent me that photo and other info on Carlos Becerra (I was familiar with him, in any case). I gave you credit for it after you squawked, so be happy.

    • “I did not not know who Carlos Becerra was.”

      That’s the point. You and other GOP activists who blindly follow Mayor Tait have no idea what’s really happening in Anaheim. There’s Tait yukking it up with a lefty revolutionary and you don’t have a clue.

      It doesn’t bother you that an anti-capitalism, anti-police, anti-conservative left-winger is volunteering to re-elect Tait? That doesn’t make you stop for just a second and wonder if maybe there’s something you’re missing?

      • Exactly

      • So with your lame argument that Mayor Tait can’t talk with people from the left side of the political spectrum? Mayor Tait should only talk with Republicans side of the spectrum?

        • That’s not what I said, Allen. I’m pointing out that dyed-in-the-wool leftists are supporting Tom Tait for mayor. That says something about the direction in which they think Tait is taking the city. You should come to grips with that and re-think your blind support for Tait.

      • Yes, It bothers me when someone is anti-capitalism.
        However, If someone is anti-capitalism, Can you blame them when taxpayer giveaways amounts to crony capitalism? Let that sink in for a moment.

        • Carlos Becerra isn’t a leftist because of the GardenWalk deal. Does he think the police are murderers and a gang because of the GardenWalk deal? Does he want to get “transition away” from private property because of GardenWalk? He’d be an anti-capitalism leftist if there had never been a GardenWalk deal. He’s just a leftist, period. Open your eyes.

  2. This isn’t news to anyone who knows what’s happening in Anaheim. He comped cop-hating liberal Donna Acevedo at his fundraiser last year:


    Tait has become the Hero of the Lefties, and he actively reaches out to and works with these people who oppose everything conservatives stand for.

  3. Oh. My. God.

    Hey, I found a racist who supports Lucille Kring. Will you folks write a blog post about why this racist supporter is definitive evidence that Kring supports racist policy?

    Whatever intellectual honesty this blog had just got flushed down the toilet with this post. I’d suggest ya’ll should be embarrassed, but that should have happened a long, long time ago.

    • If you did find such a person, Kring would doubtless disavow him or her and repudiate his or her views. Tait’s yucks it up with a revolutionary and is happy to have him aboard. Becerra’s not the only one. In an interview with TheLiberalOC.com, Jose F. Moreno explains why he’s endorsing Tait:

      “Q. There’s talk that you’re a Tom Tait support even though there is a strong Democrat running for mayor. Please explain your position.

      A. I gave my endorsement to Mayor Tait back in January and I gave money to his campaign because he has been fighting for things that matter to me. Mayor Tait fought harder than anyone on the council for district elections.”

      What kind of policies do you think matter to a hard-left activist like Moreno?

      Be honest with yourself. You know Tait is the favorite of Anaheim’s radical element.

      • I’m pretty sure he means district elections when he says district elections.

        Did you mean to ask a different question than you did?

        • Moreno said “the things that matter to me.” Plural. If he only meant districts, he would have said so. Drop the “see no evil” act.

          • Tell you what, drop the “I like to throw rocks in the shadow of anonymity act” and we’ll talk. Until then, you’re just another flapping head in an echo chamber designed to keep those who lie, cheat, and steal in power. <– those are the "policies" most people oppose. I'd hazard to guess Moreno agrees, but I've never met him.

    • Ryan, are you talking about me! I am an equal opportumity racist against everybody including the mentally incompetent Caucasian Mr. Fitzgerald!

    • For Ryan Cantor, “intellectual honesty” means drinking the Tait Kool-Aid and agreeing with everything the Dear Leader says.

      • No, it means not saying something incredibly stupid for the sake of scoring a cheap political point.

        I’ll even lower the bar for this joint: put your name on your work, particularly if you’re going to spy on other folks social media accounts.

        What a shameful display of gutter politics. I’ll take kool aid any day of the week over the swill served here.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          “Cheap political points”?

          Ryan, you need to change your last name to Pot-Meets-Kettle.

          • Fine. Change yours to Sell Out.

            You first, of course.

            • Matthew Cunningham

              Easy, newbie. I haven’t sold out anything. Remember – be kind.

            • Matthew Cunningham

              So tell me – do you agree with. Kitty Jaramillo’s lawsuit demanding single-member council districts in Fullerton?

              • You’re welcome to draft a blog post on it. I know as much as was printed in the Register, which isn’t saying much.

                • Matthew Cunningham

                  Translation: “I’m not going to answer the question.”

                  • Actually, no translation required. I’m not going to give you a snap judgement based on a brief paragraph on the issue in the local paper.

                    Doing so would be reckless and ignorant. That’d you ask me to be just that gives a broad indication of just what kind of opinion you value.

                    • Matthew Cunningham

                      I’m not asking for a “snap judgment.” Do you support single-member district elections in Fullerton, or not? Do you think at-large council elections discriminate against certain races, or not? Should race be a factor in representation on a legislative body, or not? Pretty straightforward. I mean, you do follow Fullerton city government, don’t you?

                    • If you want an answer to that question, but it in an appropriate forum. The topic of this thread is the quality of the tripe you appear to be willing to publish.

                      Given I’ve had what, a week, to ponder what district elections in Fullerton means, you’ll have to forgive my hesitation to provide you with a half baked answer to support whatever smear you have planned.

  4. I think Mr. Tait is asking Mr. Bacerra when the Mayor of Anaheim is going to show-up… Carlos is a good guy, but yeah, commi all the way. But you know, so were plenty of conservatives at his age. Hearts and minds… I think you should be more concerned about his emerging environmentalist tendencies…

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