Jose F. Moreno Gets OC Dem Nod & Some Union $$$

Jose Moreno megaphone croppedNot ones to let mere partisan formalities separate kindred left-wing spirits, the Democratic Party of Orange County has endorsed Jose F. Moreno for Anaheim City Council — notwithstanding he has only been a Democrat since this month.

To recap: the Democratic Party of Orange County has endorsed Moreno for city council, and Measure L, which would carve Anaheim into single-member council districts.

Moreno also benefited from a $1,900 contribution on August 21 from the United Food and Commercial Workers union, Local 324. UCFW represents workers at the Disneyland Resort, Disneyland California Adventure, Downtown Disney and the Disney-owned hotel stores, among other places.


  1. Jose should use the money to get the education he was denied for 150

  2. Jose, the LONG-TIME resident of ANAHEIM, MORENO as he is trying to protray himself, and the OC Democratic party are a joke. So is he proud of the mess that Anaheim Elementary District is? How many of his schools will soon go charter because parents are realizing that he used his position to get more power and not to help families? And the teachers’ unions stand with him not caring about anything but their intererst. It is a corrupt system. We need the voters to deny the TAIT-MORENO-RUELAS-JABBAR-RANDLE -LOBATOS team of terror their votes. These people are a nuisance to our city and must be denied the practice of continuing to use their positions for self-serving schmes. JOSE MORENO is a parasite. VOTE NO on all these politicians out to take over all of Anaheim’s insititutions.

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