Anaheim Insider here.

Last week the ACLU gave $10,000 to Measure L. That’s not surprising since the ACLU represented Jose F. Moreno in his CVRA lawsuit against the city. The settlement signed this January is why Measure L is on the ballot this November.

Here’s Moreno introducing Mayor Tom Tait at the January 8, 2014 press conference organized the ACLU and Moreno. After reaching out and embracing Moreno, the Mayor can barely contain his joy at what he calls a “victory” over the city by Moreno and the ACLU:


Second from the left behind Tait is Joanne Qartoumy, a leftist activist who moved to Anaheim in 2012 and works for Lorri Galloway, a liberal Democrat now running for mayor. Qartoumy’s political views are representative of the group cheering for Tait in the video.

It’s instructive that only hours before congratulating the ACLU and Moreno for, in his view, beating the city in court, Tait, in his role as Mayor of Anaheim, signed a settlement agreement that made it clear all parties agreed that the settlement did not mean the City had violated the CVRA. Put another way, Tait’s remarks at the ACLU press conference contradicted what he signed his name to as mayor.