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Julie Tait, the wife of Mayor Tom Tait, sent an e-mail to supporters yesterday with a link to an OC Weekly puff piece on the Mayor. In the e-mail, she writes:

“When the special interests groups and their lobbyist start coming after Tom, please don’t believe the nasty things you might hear or read.”

Yes, because only special interests groups and lobbyists could possibly be opposed to what Tait has said and done as mayor.

“Rather than sticking to the issues, we suspect they will attack Tom’s character.  As we all know, attacking ones character is the lowest form of argument.”

The hypocrisy here is that character attacks are the stock in trade of Mayor Tait’s most intense campaign supporters and volunteers, such as Cynthia Ward, Jason Young and others. Mrs. Ward is practically the Taits’ bodyguard these days. She can hardly write a sentence without attacking the character of an Enemy of the Tait. Has that pious criticism ever been communicated to her? Young no longer publishes his nasty pro-Tait website, but character attacks against anyone who disagrees with Mayor Tait were the only kind of argument he could manage.

You can’t give what you don’t have. If the Tait campaign truly believed “attacking ones character is the lowest form of argument,” they would put a leash on their attack dogs. Otherwise, complaints about character attacks are simple hypocrisy.


  1. Says the terrible writer behind a veil of anonymity.

  2. The entire Tait family engages in character attacks against his colleagues and various people in the community every day – on blogs and Facebook pages they operate. Tom is now running a slate claiming the council is giving the city away and making terrible allegations that imply his colleagues are criminals. The Taits have no shame.

  3. The Tait campaign isn’t a campaign. It’s a personality cult. Disagree with or criticize the Dear Leader and his goons will come after you. These people cannot tolerate disagreement. Look at how their hero turned on Murray and Eastman and Sidhu after the GardenWalk vote. A mayor with real leadership skills would have found a way to continue working with colleagues he agreed with 90% of the time. Instead, Tait responds by throwing people overboard when they won’t do what he wants. That’s probably why he picked Vanderbilt and Pettibone; they’re campaigning on a platform of being Tait’s lapdogs.

  4. I prefer Mayor Curt Pringle’s wholesome approach. He ran a very positive campaign and inspired citizens to be on their best behavior.

  5. I don’t want any part of this ongoing political nonsense in Anaheim. That is why I shutdown Save Anaheim and shuttered my PAC. Anaheim is a lost cause. You won’t see a dime of my money spent on ads etc. . . this time around. I wasted thousands fighting against crony capitalism and it got me nowhere.

  6. Great post. The hypocrisy runs so deep. Every time I listen to Tait go on about “kindness” I have to roll my eyes.

  7. Matt – I’ll still give to candidates I believe in but that is the extent of my involvement. I’m also not involved with CATER in case you think I am also a member.

    • EverybodyhatesGreg

      Interesting comment Jason. While I do disagree with you many times, I still think your heart is in the right place. You advocate what you believe while I think differently.

      Why would you note your disagreement now with CATER? Or the group of Greg and Cynthia? some refer to them as the “know it all” group, at least 3 people I have talked to in the last week

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