Jose Moreno

Jose Moreno

Ms. Jeanette Saldivar is a parent activist from Benito Juarez Elementary School in the Anaheim City School District. She, along with a number of other Juarez parents (whom one local liberal elitist blogger denigrated as a “pitchfork-wielding mob) has been vocal in protesting the shabby treatment of former Juarez Principal Roberto Baeza. According to numerous sources, Baeza has been a special target of ACSD Board Trustee Jose Moreno, who is now trying to move up to Anaheim City Council.  

This evening, Ms. Saldivar e-mailed out this polemic entitled “Open Letter to Dr, Jose Moreno:”

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Jeanette Saldivar, one of the Juarez parents who has expressed her displeasure with how Dr. Jose Moreno, President of the Anaheim City School District Governing Board, and Dr. Linda Wagner, district superintendent, who removed Dr. Roberto Baeza from Juarez Elementary to transfer him to Palm Lane where they both said he was needed because he was the best principal in the Anaheim City School District. Not six months into his principalship at Palm Lane, where parents comment on the huge changes they noticed from day one in how things were run, he was removed for reasons no one knows. But we know he couldn’t have done something illegal or immoral because he was placed back in the classroom-with kids. Dr. Wagner has even said Dr. Baeza did nothing illegal or immoral. However, Dr. Moreno wants you to believe that there is a “little secret” that they can’t talk about because it is a personnel issue. This type of wording makes it seem like he did something that got him “fired.”

Dr. Moreno is a person who speaks in generalities and lies to make his points. On Friday, at the Los Amigos Education Committee, he lied yet again about Dr. Baeza. He said that he had received complaints that Baeza was against homework. First of all, this is a lie. Baeza always would tell us parents that homework was important in teaching responsibility, organization, and study skills. But what does it matter if Baeza was against or for homework? After all, there is a Board policy that establishes homework as a policy. So if Baeza was going against Board policy, what did Dr. Moreno do about it? Dr. Moreno either encouraged board policy to be violated or, he flat out lied about Dr. Baeza not giving homework. Which one is it, Dr. Moreno?

Dr. Moreno also stated during the Los Amigos education committee that he has tried to meet with and tried to help the Palm Lane parents. This is an extraordinary lie. Palm Lane parents have gone to the school board to plead for Dr. Baeza to return, but if that can’t happen, to please improve the quality of education, as Dr. Baeza had done first hand. Dr. Moreno had been a school board member for 8 years and not once did Dr. Moreno lift a finger for the Palm Lane parents. They always felt ignored and rejected when they spoke to Dr. Moreno during public comments, as he sat in his trustee chair, towering above us. Be honest Dr. Moreno. You abandoned Palm Lane elementary. You barely showed up for the first time in years on August 27th.

As the ACSD DELAC Vice-President, I am publicly demanding that Dr. Moreno stop lying. I do not want to have my kids’ school board trustee giving examples of how to lie. Our kids deserve better.

¡Ya basta, Moreno!

In conversations I’ve had with individuals familiar with this matter, the issue between the two men stemmed from different philosophies of what the dual-immersion program should be. Baeza philosophy was more academic, and rightly in my opinion. It’s school, after all. Moreno emphasis, on the other hand, was cultural: having the kids dancing on Dia de los Muertos, etc.  One ACSD educator – Latino, bi-lingual, bi-cultural — characterized Moreno’s approach as “Mexicanizing” the students.

Regardless, the more I learn about the whole Baeza matter, the less and less the district’s official stories about his transfers add up.