With An Eye On Unionizing More Hotel Workers, UNITE-HERE Pours More Money Into Campaign for By-District Elections

Unite Here protestorsOf the thousands of hotel workers in the Anaheim Resort, only those at a few hotels are actually paying dues into UNITE-HERE Local 11 coffers. UNITE-HERE would love to change that, and to that end has been one of the main forces behind the push to change Anaheim City Council elections from at-large to by-district.

Yesterday, UNITE-HERE Local 11 poured more money into the “Yes on Measure L” campaign. In the last four days, the militant left-wing union made contributions of $13,254.82, $1,711.89 and $11,898.65. Given the specific amounts, it’s obvious UNITE-HERE Local 11 is paying for at least a couple of city-wide mailers.

That’s $26,865.36, on top of the $25,000 donated in August by UNITE-HERE Local 11, which is also the Yes on Measure L campaign’s landlord. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why UNITE-HERE is putting money into passing Measure L: because by-district elections provide path to changing the Anaheim City Council from majority-Republican to majority-Democrat and leveraging that power to unionize more hotel workers, which translates into more dues money for Democratic coffers. Furthermore, UNITE-HERE would like to get back into the Honda Center and re-unionize Anaheim Arena Management’s food service workers — and having a Democratic council majority as AAM’s landlord makes that easier. 

I invite any pro-Measure L Republican who out there who thinks the measure they are supporting will not help the Democrats and will not hurt the Republicans to send me a post explaining why, and I will post it. It would make for fascinating reading.

Speaking of the Yes on Measure L campaign, it filed paperwork this week to change its name from “Committee for District Elections – sponsored by One Anaheim,” to  Committee for District Elections – Yes on Measures L & M, Sponsored by Anaheim Neighborhoods Together, a Coalition of Labor, Business and Community Organizations.”  It’s a deceptive name since Measure L has no business support; it’s contributions have come entirely from union and left-wing political action committees.


  1. It changed it’s name because that’s how they will sell the measure and a team of Tait and Moreno to Anaheim voters. We won’t have to wait long to prove it – first email will feature them together – probably hand in hand at the ACLU self congratulation rally after the settlement. The fraud continues and the GOP sits idle while their elected official of the year opens the gates for this Trojan horse.

  2. I, for one, would pay money to read Tom Tait trying to explain how his support for Measure L does NOT hurt the Republican Party in Anaheim.

  3. I swear to God, haven’t you written this story several times already? But I know, repetition is proven to work, you’ve learned from the best.

    Anonymousters, if you want to hear Tom explain how Measure L doesn’t hurt you, and Lucille trying to refute him, come to the Anaheim Republican Assembly tonight!

    • You mean if you want to hear Tait try and continue misleading the Republican establishment in his unending bid to make himself feel special at the expense of all he once believed in.

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