Curt Pringle Endorses Lucille Kring For Mayor

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This came over the transom for the Lucille Kring for Mayor campaign:

Former Mayor Curt Pringle Endorses Lucille Kring for Anaheim Mayor

Anaheim, CA – Two-term Anaheim Mayor and former Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle today announced his endorsement of City Council Member Lucille Kring in her campaign for Mayor of Anaheim.

“Lucille’s dedication to the City of Anaheim, her record of service on behalf of Anaheim residents and her commitment to the policies, programs and priorities that are critical to Anaheim’s future are just three of the many reasons why I believe she is the best candidate to serve as our next Mayor,” Pringle said.

“No one can say that Lucille ever felt the need to divide people to achieve her goals for Anaheim. In fact, Lucille is a proven consensus builder, which this city desperately needs in the office of Mayor.”

Pringle, who served as Mayor of Anaheim from 2002-2006 and was reelected with nearly 80% of the vote to serve again from 2006-2010, said he is disappointed that his successor has on numerous occasions taken positions that are not in the best interests of the city and its residents.

“In 2010 I supported a former Council member for Mayor, and he was elected” Pringle said. “However, in the almost four years since that time, the Mayor has opposed the expansion of the Convention Center, voted against programs and projects that would benefit Anaheim’s economic growth and, perhaps most importantly, he has used his position and office to the detriment of the public safety of Anaheim residents.”

“Lucille Kring and I share a vision for Anaheim, a vision of vibrant economic prosperity, safe and secure neighborhoods and strengthened relationships among all of our diverse communities. I am confident that as Mayor, Lucille Kring will make our community an even better place to live, work and raise our families.”


  1. Tait holds Christmas parties at the home of a woman that calls our police executioners and was arrested for obstructing justice. He openly refers to Anaheim as two cities and is working day and night to carve us into 4 or 6 cities. Every day he is divisive and feeds on the kindness of children to promote himself. It’s time for change – it’s time to heal and move past his insane politics of the past four years. He had made a mockery of the office and our city. Anaheim will only prosper when he’s gone. We are hostage as long as he’s in office.

    • Dumb Colonist: Tait didn’t hold any Christmas party. I was at Anna Drive that night. It was a wonderful posada. As for the news of this post, are commentators going to lose it over the fact the Lucille Kring ran against Pringle in 2002 and is now endorsed by him in 2014? The Anaheim merry-go-round has more than one person riding it!

      • Matthew Cunningham

        And Tait endorsed Eastman and Murray in 2010 and now he’s trying to oust them. Wow – what would we do without you GSR? We may never have perceived the changing nature of political alliances, a tale as old as human history!

  2. Not exactly a surprise endorsement here

  3. GSR 12 years, Geeze Son Really! That’s like Dr Jose F Moreno saying Lou Correa didn’t care about the community when he voted against single payer SB 810 and then now(2 years later) he says Lou Correa has effectively served the residents of Anaheim…and he is supporting me.

    Why don’t you call out the Doctor for switching positions with Correa?

    12 years is a lot different when it comes to political transformations than 2 years.

    • gabriel san roman

      Arturo — 12 years is too long? Maybe we can rewind to 2010 when Kring wanted to run for Mayor but Pringle and Tait stole that show or we can go back to 2012 when Kring ran as part of the Tait Slate against Pringle’s favored candidates! haha! Why bring up Moreno like I support him? Correa is in the pockets of the health insurance lobbyists and accepting/touting an endorsement from him is one reason why I don’t.


  4. Anaheim Ambassador Lucille Kring was the only member of the 2001 City Council who voted to save the historically significant building (now home to Ruby’s Diner) and private property at San Pedro’s Gate. Then council member Tom Tait made a serious error in judgement by voting to demolish it. Anaheim Mayoral Candidate Lucille Kring is a private property champion!

  5. You all talk about these politicians’ shifting relationships over the past decade or so, but the important question is: What about the very very DISTANT past – i.e., when those two photos were taken? Curt, a budding young assemblyman: Lucille, a charming teen debutante. Did they even know each other when these pictures were taken?

  6. Lucille Kring didn’t work well nor like the past mayor, doesn’t work well nor like the present mayor….what will she do IF elected mayor? Will she like any of us? She’s no leader.

    • Since Tait doesn’t work well with his four colleagues, by your definition he is no leader.

      You might want to think through your next comment.

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