Team Tait (at least as it was constituted until last week) began hitting Anahem voters’ mailboxes last week. As is customary with initial mailers, these were positives: Tait’s highlighting accomplishments, while Pettibone’s and Vanderbilt’s were introductory in nature.

The Tait piece:

1st Tait Mailer_Page_1


The Vanderbilt piece:

2014-09-29 Vandi1 001


And the Tait/Vanderbilt/Pettibone mailer (the “Team Anaheim” walk piece):

2014-09-29 taitetal 001

These landed about the same time Pettibone’s candidacy went up in smoke like flash paper.  The truncated slate will presumably be tossing the walk piece and any other collateral with Pettibone on it, and have new ones printed up.