Fresh From $15.37 Hotel Worker Minimum Wage Win in L.A., UNITE-HERE Organizer Austin Lynch Heads For Anaheim

Unite Here protestorsThe only unionized hotels in Anaheim are the Anaheim Hilton, the Disneyland Resort properties and the Sheraton Park Hotel. Most of the thousands of hotel workers in the Anaheim Resort area are non-unionized. 

UNITE-HERE Local 11 wants to change that, which is why they have been one of the driving forces (along with their off-shoot organization OCCORD) behind what has become Measure L – the initiative to replace at-large council elections with by-district elections. Pro-union, left-of-center candidates have had little success getting elected to the Anaheim City Council. UNITE-HERE supports by-district elections as a means to elected Democratic candidates who will boost their organizing efforts by adopting Los Angeles-style ordinances such as the $15.37 hotel worker minimum wage the LA City Council approved last week

Fresh off that union win in L.A., UNITE-HERE Local 11 executive board member and contract organizer Austin Lynch has been sent to down to Anaheim to help with the big push, according to sources. That’s an indication of UNITE-HERE Local 11’s focus on doing in Anaheim what is has done in Los Angeles.

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  1. Steven pedrotti

    My name is Steven pedrotti. I’m a proud supporter of my local 11 union. I’m one of the 22 tipped union members at the Westin lax that can’t wait to share the great news with the daily grill lax that Austin put a propasal together that includes $15.37 and good benifits!! After all ,that $15.37 is what the union fought for to give ALL it’s members.
    Our friends at the daily grill and the crown plaza lax are watching closely to see a great signed contract that has the $15.37 included for all it’s members. I can’t wait to share the great news with our union friendly opportunities in Aniehiem !!
    I hope Austin will let me be a spokesman to share our great news about a great contract that includes $15.37.
    I think the Westin lax will not want to pay “tipped ” employees $15.37, but you can’t put the jeannie back in the bottle.
    Steven pedrotti.

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