Jose Moreno, the left-wing (newly-minted) Democrat running for Anaheim City Council, has had strong words regarding the influence of outside special interests on Anaheim politics in this July 25, 2013 post on his Facebook page:

hypocrisy on outside interests

As of today, approximately $355,000 has been poured into the “Yes on Measure L” campaign, an attempt by a coalition of progressive political interest groups and unions to abolish Anaheim’s at-large council elections and replace it with a by-district system. Nearly all of that money comes from outside Anaheim – much of it from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington DC.

So Moreno thinks it is bad when Anaheim candidates receive 70% of their contributions from outside of Anaheim, but — judging from this outspoken activist’s silence — it’s A-OK when a campaign to re-structure how the Anaheim city council is elected is 90% funded by interest groups from waaaay outside Anaheim? That’s some double-standard.

The percentage of Mayor Tom Tait’s campaign contributions that come from outside Anaheim is well above 70%, and yet Moreno strongly supports his re-election. It will be interesting to see what percentage of Moreno’s funding comes from within Anaheim. Judging by the late contribution reports, the bulk of Moreno’s funding will be from outside Anaheim. 

Maybe there’s an exemption for left-wingers because everything is done in the name of “the people.” Still, it would be interesting to hear Moreno’s explanation of why outside donations are bad…unless they fund causes and candidates he supports.