Jose Moreno Compares Anaheim to Fascist State

Does Anaheim resemble a fascist state? It’s seems clear Anaheim City Council candidate Jose Moreno thinks there is more than a passing resemblance:

Compares Anaheim to fascist state

Moreno’s agreement is obviously implicit in his posing the question, and in how he poses it. Would any person of reasonable political philosophy and temperament even ask other’s if they think FDR’s description on fascism applies to Anaheim? Taking in the context of Moreno’s leftism and political statements, it’s pretty obvious who believes this quote applies to Anaheim city government ad politics.

It’s also interesting to see who signified their agreement by following Moreno’s invitation to “like” his post:

  • Al Jabbar, the OCEA director and appointed Anaheim City School District trustee who is running for a full term. Jabbar’s agreement with this statement is considering his comfort with a public school system that, to a large degree, is owned by a group (the teachers union)
  • Mike Matsuda, the NOCCD trustee and superintendent of the Anaheim Union High School District. Matsuda spoke at the OCCCO-organized campaign volunteer recruitment even…excuse me, Anaheim Civic Youth Summit held at Anahem High School in July.
  • Marisol Ramirez, the OCCORD director and left-wing activist who was at last year’s anti-police march in Anaheim waving this anti-cop sign by the Party for Socialist Liberation denigrating police as merely “George Zimmerman with a badge.”

It’s silly and ignorant to even remotely compare politics and government in Anaheim as fascist, and is a powerful indication of how far out-of-step Moreno is with the average Anaheim voter.


  1. Moreno misunderstands what fascism is.

    However, his recognition that certain businesses (often charitably referred to as “economic engines”) effectively control municipal decisions makes Anaheim start to look in certain respects like an oligarchy.

    • Who are you voting for council other than Vanderbilt, Zenger? With Pettibone and O’Keefe out and you’ve ruled out the incumbents, your choices are down to Jose F. Moreno, Jose “Joe” Moreno and Donna Acevedo.

      I’m betting it’s Jose F. Moreno.

      • Well, I’ll be voting for one of the Morenos. Either the Dr. who doesn’t understand fascism, or the phony who was set up to draw votes away from the former.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          “Phony”? Jose Moreno is his real name. He has as much right to it as Jose F. Moreno. And his beliefs are sincerely held. But since you don’t agree with what you claim are his motives for running (you are quite the psychic), then he is a “phony.” Got it.

          So, you are either going to vote for a conservative or a radical leftist, two men with starkly different views about the role of government in our lives. A very steady philosophical rudder you have there.

          • Yes he keeps popping up on cue to deliver the goods – for somebody else. That’s quite odd. Oh, no it isn’t. Never heard of this guy ’til he got Tom Daly elected to the Assembly; once that task was accomplished he dropped out.

            Anyhoo, I grow weary of Anaheim’s soi-disant “conservatives.” If Moreno is willing to support Mayor Tait on the Arte Moreno deal and the other proposed boondoggles or slight-of-hand deals, that speaks well for him.

            There’s nothing wrong with my rudder. Sometime we makes choices we’d rather not. That speaks volumes about Dr. Moreno’s incumbent opponents.

            • Matthew Cunningham

              If you’re so in-the-know, what “goods” did Jose Joe Moreno “pop up on cue” to deliver in 2012?

              Jose F. Moreno supports a gate tax, wants a “living wage,” retention ordinances, wealth redistribution. he thinks socialist Bernie Sanders is a great example for the Anaheim City Council. Moreno’s the complete left-wing package. But if you think that is all out-weighed by supporting Mayor Tait’s approach to the Angels…it isn’t Kris Murray and Gail Eastman your choice speaks volumes about.

              • Well, I’ll repeat myself”

                “Never heard of this guy ’til he got Tom Daly elected to the Assembly; once that task was accomplished he dropped out.”

                • Matthew Cunningham

                  O-kaaay. The fact that David Zenger had never heard of Moreno until he ran for Assembly proves only that you had never heard of him until he ran for Assembly.

                  And please tell us how he “got Tom Daly elected to the Assembly”?

                  Also, if you recall, he tried to drop out of the race when Hatch Act issues were raised, as opposed to your conspiracy theory.

                  • Funny how he didn’t drop out until AFTER he made the playoff and the other two LATINO candidates were gone. What a coincidence. Suddenly somebody learned about the Hatch Act after the primary? Oh, brother, what a load.

                    I challenge you to name one person who ever heard of this low level County bureaucrat before 2012.

                    • Matthew Cunningham

                      Moreno got into the race on the last day of filing, at the behest of Tim Whitacre, who (I’m told) thought there ought to be at least one Reep on the ballot in AD69. Check with Whitacre – I think you know where to find him because he’s Tom Tait’s campaign manager.

                      He tried to drop out after the Hatch Act is sue was raised…by

                      Daly didn’t win because of Moreno – unless you’re going to tell us that ALL of Republican Moreno’s votes would have gone to left-wing Julio Perez.

                      And unknown and little known candidates run all the time without being part of some conspiracy.

                      Stop bending reality to conform with the conspiracy theory you’ve concocted.

                    • David: While I hate reHatching what happened in 2012, Matt is correct. When a last minute candidate for the 69th exited the race for the OCBOE race, I entered this race when we couldn’t find a replacement.

                      Regarding the Hatch Act: I did not know of it, I suspect many people do but they (the candidates) don’t divulge their job titles. For example, Lupe Moreno was an “office worker” when she ran for state senate a few years ago.Greg Ritchells is a social worker for LA county and a current candidate for the State Assembly yet nobody has brought up the hatch Act. I think an aide for Loretta Sanchez ran against a certain HB congressman in the primary this year.

                      So , the Hatch Act was brought to my attention and if you know how the gobblement works you would know it takes times, government is not fast (i.e. processing of a inquire or a complaint, the investigation, my submission of the facts , then the US special counsel determination) Given that year was the first year of the top two open primary I believe had i not submitted my political affiliation(optional) and not had the party pay my filing fees(optional), I may have been able to stay in the race.

                      In my eyes, to think that was all planned, given some days I believed I would lose my job, is foolish.

                      Now, I have always been a supporter of Mayor Tom Tait (Never met him though) but like I said here recently I am very concerned about his allegiances with the other Jose Moreno.

                      Like you and Matt mentioned above, you can clearly see the signs of what a councilman Jose F Moreno will bring forth but yet you still hesitate.

                      As you probably know I pulled papers for the High School Board but that contest was getting too crowded and with the carpetbagging incumbent(which by the way goes terribly with the whole Districting Elections position that the other Jose pushes) I bowed out after another close friend threw his hat in it.

                      I was not considering any race and was determined to help out wherever I could but on one particular weekend(without anybody’s guidance whatsoever) I looked at the race, looked at the candidates and was set then to submit my papers for Anaheim city council.

                      Maybe Greg thinks his post prompted my filing, that’s why he is so mean with his comments toward me. What is disheartening is when you go along with the conspiracy theory and name calling but you don’t know me.

                      Perhaps this is just politics(i guess), something that happens but I’m not going to be responsible for setting the seat for Jose F Moreno and his merry-leftist friends; you will be responsible for that my a friend.

                      Check out my post, commentary, everything at NewAnaheim Facebook.

                      Willing to break bread with all after the election.

                      btw- Thanks Matt. Never met you but I do agree that the last thing Anaheim needs is a bunch of leftist thinking, Hugo Chavez propagating elected’s messing up something that their own ideas and policies could never create.

                      Take care and God bless all.

                    • I stand by my story.

                    • Matthew Cunningham

                      “Story” in the fictional sense of the word.

                    • That’s what Dan C always says so I guess it’s all right then.

                    • “stand by my story”

                      Where can I find this story? Your writings above were pure conjecture but now it is a story. Hilarious! It seems you do spend too much time reading the conspiracy theorists @ that orange blog.

                      What is this about?

                      “I challenge you to name one person who ever heard of this low level County bureaucrat before 2012.”

                      Besides being a bit elitist, do you really believe high and low level county bureaucrats who don’t hold an elected office should be tested before seeking office by asking if anybody heard of them. Really!

                      I will acknowledge that I believe that the type of person who calls another person names(“Dummy”) from their cozy, comfy keyboard is either severely immature or too emotionally attached.

                      Though, I really hope you have very little influence over our Mayor. It would be disheartening to know any different.

                      As for your original question Matt, regarding candidate Pettibone leaving the race, I’m reminded of the phrase “not making a choice is making a choice”

                      Three candidate’s left, two Liberal/Progressives and one Conservative and the question is, who do you go with.

                      The choice chosen is seemingly the self-preservation route. Neither.

                      It’s either an indicator that the 3 way race is close enough to not make the right choice and/or that there is an idea that Jose F moreno has a significant following(Perhaps, many resources out there, co-mingling of candidate resources) who will follow Jose F Moreno suggestion’s(endorsement). Good luck!

  2. I’ll take fascism over communism any day!

  3. Dr. (lol) Jose F. Moreno and Mayor Tom Tait are working in goose-step. Moreno’s breed of anti-fascism, insincere no doubt, is an odd mix of anti-Americanism and labor über ales. Go to a few Los Amigos meetings… the fascist specter indeed. Team Tait certainly has a hallmark: obnoxious triangulation and creepy newspeak. Boo.

    And the road between communism and fascism is one often traveled. In the end, it is hard to differentiate the two forms of totalitarianism. While obviously a tame, or nascent, variant, Team Tait is an interesting case study on that score. While alarmist perhaps, I am being sincere, not hyperbolic. No bueno.

  4. I am sitting at the front counter at Ruby’s Diner in Anaheim with my Mexican-American buddy right now and I handed my iPhone to him to read this news flash about Jose Moreno and he said, “its Moreno’s gangbangers taking over Anaheim”

  5. “While obviously a tame, or nascent, variant, Team Tait is an interesting case study on that score.”

    Interesting. Please elaborate.

  6. Great post. And good to know Al Jabbar also thinks Anaheim is fascist. That will come in handy if (more like, when) he runs for Anaheim City Council.

    • Yes, the “left” needs to be educated about what fascism means. They are confusing it with an oligarchy. Or maybe a plutocracy.

  7. Godwin’s Law in action ('s_law): invoking fascism or Nazis in a debate is an admission that one knows one’s claims are wrong.

  8. I think Vern’s headsmack photo is the exact appropriate response to F. Moreno

    That anyone would vote for someone that posts this is sad

  9. In answer to David Zenger and/or Vern Nelson. I clearly understand, perhaps better than you two geniuses the different forms of government. My comment was of course was in jest in reference to “Dr.” Jose Moreno’s leftist ways. If Facism your comparison is what Anaheim’s current government is emulating, I am frightened by “Dr.” Moreno’s brand of politics.

    Someone should look into his “doctorate” degree’s. greg Diamonds good friend, Anton Marc has said repeatedly that these were granted, not earned doctorates. Big difference.

    Anaheim might as well be cuba, with this nut Moreno involved. In fact, he has NO BUSINESS running with a name like that, there is another Jose Moreno. HOW DARE HE.

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