Does Anaheim resemble a fascist state? It’s seems clear Anaheim City Council candidate Jose Moreno thinks there is more than a passing resemblance:

Compares Anaheim to fascist state

Moreno’s agreement is obviously implicit in his posing the question, and in how he poses it. Would any person of reasonable political philosophy and temperament even ask other’s if they think FDR’s description on fascism applies to Anaheim? Taking in the context of Moreno’s leftism and political statements, it’s pretty obvious who believes this quote applies to Anaheim city government ad politics.

It’s also interesting to see who signified their agreement by following Moreno’s invitation to “like” his post:

  • Al Jabbar, the OCEA director and appointed Anaheim City School District trustee who is running for a full term. Jabbar’s agreement with this statement is considering his comfort with a public school system that, to a large degree, is owned by a group (the teachers union)
  • Mike Matsuda, the NOCCD trustee and superintendent of the Anaheim Union High School District. Matsuda spoke at the OCCCO-organized campaign volunteer recruitment even…excuse me, Anaheim Civic Youth Summit held at Anahem High School in July.
  • Marisol Ramirez, the OCCORD director and left-wing activist who was at last year’s anti-police march in Anaheim waving this anti-cop sign by the Party for Socialist Liberation denigrating police as merely “George Zimmerman with a badge.”

It’s silly and ignorant to even remotely compare politics and government in Anaheim as fascist, and is a powerful indication of how far out-of-step Moreno is with the average Anaheim voter.