What does Jose Moreno, the left-wing Democrat candidate for Anaheim City Council, think of the Democrats who represent Anaheim in the state legislature and Congress?

Shortly after jumping into the council race, Moreno announced his endorsement by Sen. Lou Correa, who represents a portion of Anaheim in the 34th Senate District:

“I am humbled by the Senator’s gracious words,” Dr. Moreno said today. “Like him, I am committed to a balanced approach to governing with a focus on neighborhoods, families, and fairness. I’m proud to live in Anaheim and as a father have always advocated for sensible approaches to support our children and families. I’m running because I want to build a greater, better Anaheim not just today, but for the future. I am proud to stand with Senator Correa today, and honored by his support.”

But is that how Moreno really feels, or is it polite candidate palaver? This unfiltered Facebook post by Moreno should give us an idea of what the correct answer is:

bashing Dem legislators from OC

Lou Correa has been one of Anaheim’s local legislators since 1998 (except for two years on the Board of Supervisors, 2004-2006). That would make him one of those whom Moreno, with true left-wing sincerity, was denouncing only two years ago as a corporate toady. 

I do not agree with this characterization of Lou Correa, with whom I have had my differences (but if there were siginificantly more Democrats like him in Sacramento the state would be in better shape). It’s pretty clear the unfiltered Jose Moreno of this FB comment, with all its hostility toward the free market, is the real Jose Moreno.