Mayoral Mailbox: Kring Hits Tait On Angels Negotiations

This mailer from the Lucille Kring for Mayor campaign began landing in voters mailboxes yesterday: 

King Angels hit on Tait 10-7-14_Page_1

King Angels hit on Tait 10-7-14_Page_2


Regardless of where one stands on the mayoral contest and the Angels negotiations, this is an effective mail piece. It lays out a quickly absorbed narrative on the Angels issues that will track with what voters have generally absorbed from a year’s worth of media coverage, and includes an effective comparison table on key issues such as the economic development and public safety.


  1. I loved this piece! Kring shows some dude who looks an awful lot like he’s wearing an Angels uniform missing the ball by two feet – an apt metaphor for Charles Black & Co. who appeared to actually be working for Arte Moreno, or one of Moreno’s consultants.

    I also got one yesterday from Todd Ament’s group that included a big center rah-rah Angels montage and telling voters that the playoffs have begun! Too bad it landed two days AFTER the Angels were swept out of the playoffs. Well, that’s the risk of tying your political agenda to the success of a baseball team.

    • Based on where the ball is and the position of the bat, it’s more likely a foul ball. No one swings at a pitch that early. But how would you know?

      • Actually, considering there’s no shadow, it’s likely poorly photoshopped in.

        But how would you know reality from fiction anyway?

  2. Who was the happiest man in Anaheim when the Royals swept the Angels?

    Tom Tait.

  3. Like it our not, Zenger, this issue is cutting against Tait. Look at how much time and effort the Tait campaign is devoting to playing defense. As they say, when you’re explaining, you’re losing.

    • I don’t think it’s “cutting against Tait” at all. It’s making him look tough against giveaways to a billionaire, a position that is not only principled, but bound to be popular.

      I’m starting to think Tom’s going to get well over 50%.

      • Of course! What does Kring’s consultant know about campaign mail anyway, compared to David Zenger, who has run…how many campaigns? Zero?

        Sure, sure, this hit against Tait will actually cause voters to support Tait. Because voters think trashing the Angels for a year until they stop negotiations with the city and look to move to Tustin is the definition of being a good leader.

        Drink another gallon of Tait-Aid, Dave.

        • I know that Kring’s “consultant” dropped on junk mail day, ROOKIE MISTAKE! Of course they don’t get care they get paid anyway.

          Say, who is her consultant? I sort of pity them in a way.

          I also know Kring’s got NOTHING, not even fumes to run on. I guess she could run on her flip flops over the past two years and pitch it as intellectual and moral suppleness.

  4. Anaheimer Who Knows

    Oh, who cares what Zenger thinks? As if he is a typical anything, let alone typical Anaheim voter.

  5. The Angels are not going anywhere except into a vacation. The contract with the Angels has been badly written prior to the negotiations going on now. Hence the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. You can complain all you want about the deal or no deal that Artie wants. He is making money per his own words a few days ago. He signed a contract that the Angels are responsible for taking care of the stadium and now he wants the City of Anaheim to pay for his repairs. No, I do not want development in the parking lot, that area is a disaster trying to get into and out of anyways. Maybe the other four Council members will realize that Tustin is not going to pay for a stadium and neither will Artie. He is a billionaire and can afford to pay his own repairs.Enjoy the vacation and watch the Angels take the city to the cleaners as are the hotels.

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