DA Tony Rackauckas Hits Tait In TV Ad: “Anaheim Needs A New Mayor”

The heat in the contest for Anaheim mayor, already pretty intense, was turned up several degrees when this cable TV ad began running today. The spot from Citizens for Anaheim’s Future features OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas criticizing Mayor Tom Tait on public safety and gangs, and ends with the DA urging voters to elect a new mayor:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXe_MfVGc18]


  1. That is the most powerful statement I have ever seen on the subject of criminal street-gangs in Anaheim!

  2. Orange County needs a new District Attorney who will prosecute police officers and politicians who contribute to his campaign.

    • The same DA who is kicking murder suspects back on to Anaheim’s streets because his office is so screwed up and leaderless?

      I think the biggest threat to public safety in this County may be the Dyspeptic DA himself.

  3. Shows exactly the problem with Tom Tait…so many people don’t see his nasty side!

  4. I hope this runs on every commercial break!

  5. Thank you Tony Rackauckus for this powerful statement and for your interest in protecting Anaheim!

  6. Tony Rackauckas’ gang injunction on the OVC neighborhood of Orange, which attempted to criminalize 120 or so young men and women, many of whom were minors and straight A students with no criminal records, was ruled unconstitutional last year, and Tony spent $4 million of your and my tax dollars lamely trying to defend it. And he’s proud of that, he boasted of it on the campaign trail! Learn more here: http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2013/12/t-racks-4-million-gang-injunction-faceplant/

    Lucille likes to go around saying that, not only does shooting a fleeing suspect “save us a trial, always a good outcome” but also that ALL OF ANAHEIM should be covered by a gang injunction. Not exactly clear how that would work, as the vast majority of Anaheim does not have a gang problem. But it does make scared white voters feel good and safe. Two peas in a pod, Lucille and Tony.

    But this isn’t really about law enforcement anyhow – there’s nothing about Tait that’s soft on crime or gangs – this is just the usual corrupt you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours from the extremely political DA. The Anaheim kleptocracy and Tony enjoy a circle-j**k relationship of contributions and endorsements, and nothing the kleptos will ever do, no matter how fishy, will ever merit an investigation by Tony.

    You people sure love you some Bruno though!

    • “But this isn’t really about law enforcement anyhow – there’s nothing about Tait that’s soft on crime or gangs”

      Blatantly false.

      You, Tait and the rest of that crew have time and again sided with the groups that chant “F” the police and take every occasion to claim APD is nothing but a band of murderers. When you support people who want to do false and misleading harm to the PD, thereby undermining their ability to do their jobs of protecting people, you are putting Anaheim at risk. This is 100% about law enforcement and how Tait sides against our sworn officers of the law.

    • Vern, you don’t pay any taxes; and how many tax dollars did you cost California taxpayers during your stay in jail for DUI, hypocrite.

      • I don’t pay taxes? I pay plenty of taxes. Especially this year when I have more work than ever. Where do you pull that BS out of?

        You remain the most pathetic creature that comments here, masquerading as a liberal while defending Rackauckas and Kring, and ridiculing candidate forums in poor neighborhoods for not having as big an attendance as an Angels game.

        • Vern, you pay income tax and sales. You rent a room in HB for which your landlord pays property taxes yes or no; do you write a big check to the county twice a year or not? We both know the answer is no. I am not defending T-Rack and Kringle. If you paid attention, T-Rack says Anaheim needs a new mayor. He didn’t say who. LoGal is ready. The Anna Drive forum had maybe 20 Anaheim voters. The kids in the back looked like they had fun.

          • As always, this “liberal”‘s fall-back argument, true or not, is “I make more money than you, so your opinion doesn’t count.” How is it that there are ANY Democrats that don’t shun him?

    • gabriel san roman

      Hey Vern — you know who else like the idea of a blanket injunction? Galloway and F Moreno backer Bill Taormina!

    • Do you always need to use overt sexual terms in your comments? Might be wise to express your political opinions without telling everyone you are pervert. If you have kids or grand kids, I am sure they will appreciate not not reading their Dad or Grandfather’s gratitdus sexual comments over and over. Nobody should have to remember their loved ones as an internet pervert. Just a suggestion.

      • I apologize RG2, but it’s just very hard to come up with a polite metaphor when you see a DA, running practically unopposed, take in nearly half a million in one night, and when you know what that’s gonna mean – another four years of OC’s legendary political corruption going uninvestigated and unpunished.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          Oh bosh. When I see how you and the of the anklebiters are so eager to prosecute political opponents because you imagine they absolutely must be corrupt, I am thankful for how politically marginal you are.

  7. Stand for Anaheim

    this is perhaps one of the most insane ads ever! The #1 law enforcement officer in the region saying Anaheim needs a new mayor?!? Insanely effective and correct!

  8. So simply fact check it

    • gabriel san roman

      Hey you’re a supposed Liberal. Let’s start with the dripping racism of it all which should be readily apparent to your ilk. This is an attack ad against the Mayor for sure but the bludgeon is clear: Mexicans. Using the image of Anna Drive residents in the background from the infamous police repression caught on camera while talking about violent Anaheim gangs = racist. Claiming gang members and only gang members ‘rioted’ on July 24 = racist. Calling the Manuel Diaz memorial a gang memorial = racist. T-rack = racist.

      • Matthew Cunningham

        The man who sees the world through race-colored glasses doesn’t understand the definition of racism. But you do display the lazy left-wing habit of trying to silence critics by yelling “racist!” You drain the word of value by your indiscriminate and ill-informed use of it.

        • A white person is telling me, a brown person, that I don’t understand the definition of racism even though I, a brown person, have experienced it in Anaheim, where Matt, a white person, literally can not! Anaheim politics have been fueled by this vitriol for a very long time. Go back to the mailers of ’96 and the issue of an INS agent inside APD city jail to see the “criminal alien” hysteria from folks like Bob Zemel….and… Lucille Kring!

          • I believe that policy of having an INS agent inside APD was fully supported by then council member Tom Tait. Not sure what you mean by “my ilk.” Elaborate please.

          • http://articles.latimes.com/1996-04-05/local/me-55352_1_illegal-immigrants

            “Among those accompanying Cox on the jail tour were Anaheim City Council members Bob Zemel and Tom Tait, who lobbied legislators in Washington last fall for the INS project.”

          • http://articles.latimes.com/1996-06-26/local/me-18823_1_ins-agent

            INS and city officials are scheduled to meet today to discuss the future of the program. An INS spokesman said the agency will not comment on the matter until after today’s meeting.

            Councilman Tom Tait, who has worked with Zemel on the INS effort, said it “would be crazy” to end the program at this point.

            “Even if it is 24%, that’s a significant number,” Tait said. “If we could address 24% of our crime by having agents in our jail, that’s a small investment to make.”

            wonder if the voters on Anna Drive remember Tait’s role in this program?

          • Matthew Cunningham

            Actually, I did not say you don’t understand racism. What I did say was you look at the world through race-colored glasses.

            However, it is apparent from your response that you subscribe to the radical idea that only people of color can be victims of racism – which is diverges from the true definition of racism understood by the vast majority of Americans. The re-definition you seem to embrace stems from the radical view that racism is a function of power; therefore, an individual of a particular race or ethnicity that is said to lack “power” cannot be racist. It’s ridiculous hokum, but sincerely believed by leftists like San Roman or the true believers who work for groups like OCCORD and OCCCO.

            Furthermore, the stationing of an INS agent in the Anaheim jail wasn’t “hysteria.” Do you have a proposal of what to do with a criminal who is living in the United States illegally, Gabriel? How would you refer to such an individual? Would “undocumented criminal” better suit your politically correct sensibilities? It’s a mark of how radicals and leftists think that when law-abiding citizens want their government to arrest and deport criminals – who prey on their fellow man — to their country of origin. That you consider that to be “hysteria” only illuminates how far out of the mainstream your thinking is.

      • Dan is saying “Manuel who? Lorri never told me anything about any Manuel.” He still runs a blog called the Liberal OC, but he’s the puppy dog of a candidate who told FOX 11 last month that the cause of 2012’s riots was that residents were sick of gangs and crime.

        And we know that Tony didn’t mention Lucille in the ad in order to skirt making it an in-kind contribution, but Dan still manages to hear it as a pro-LoGal ad, as obsessed as he is with trashing Tait and as ignorant as he is of actual Anaheim.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          The day Vern stops confusing what he imagines to be so with what is actually so…well, that will probably be a harbinger of the end times.

  9. Hey, what happened to my comments? All posted well within the bounds of this site’s “rules.”

    That’s alright. I’ve published them on the OJB where nobody is afraid of the truth.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Re-posting all your comments on the fever swamp blog. Seriously? You people need to get lives.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      “Aren’t afraid of the truth?” More like wouldn’t know the truth if it caved in on them. For example, let’s summarize every Zenger comment: “Pringle did it.”

      • “Pringle did it.”

        I like that. I sure wish he’d quit, though. Is he ever going to get enough?

        Seriously, it is very difficult for an impartial not to see the hand of your benefactor in all things in Anaheim that involve lots of money and that inevitably seem to end up going to Mr. Pringle’s clients.

        Then there’s the oligarchic take.

        Please tell us: when was the last time the Chamber of Commerce, the cop union, the fire union, OCTax, OCBC or SOAR failed to endorse a Pringle-backed candidate?

        • Matthew Cunningham

          “it is very difficult for an impartial not to see the hand of”

          Oh please. There’s nothing impartial about you. Of course it is easy for you to see Curt Pringle’s hand in everything. You see it because you want to see it. It’s easy for a conspiracist like you to see conspiracies. I’ve seen your “explanations” of why this or that happens in Anaheim. They are so far removed from reality as to be comical. You invent connections out of thin air, and confuse correlation with causation.

          • Correlation and causation coinciding over and over and over? That IS something.

            • Matthew Cunningham

              Good grief. It would be simple to find a series of examples of you or Zenger’s choice of candidates to support correlating with other groups or individuals, and then claim – with equal invalidity – that you or Zenger are controlling those groups and individuals.

              • Congrats. That comment was the most meaningless string of words I’ve read outside a County Community Services Department staff report.

                Why not try to answer the question? Neither Vern or I pumps hundreds of thousands into the campaigns of potential puppets every election cycle.

                The only money I have ever contributed to an Anaheim campaign was a measly hundred bucks to King in 2012 in the belief that she stood for things. Look how that turned out. Worst investment in good government I ever made.

                • Matthew Cunningham

                  I think that “award” more appropriately applies to your commentary in general, in which it is difficult to separate fact from fantasy.

                • Matthew Cunningham

                  And do you spend all day in front of your computer commenting on blogs? I’m just killing time while waiting in line to buy tickets.

                  • “And do you spend all day in front of your computer commenting on blogs?”

                    Not quite all day. And only when I have to defend the integrity of an honorable man like my Mayor – Tom Tait. Almost like you spend all day deleting or delaying comments made by me, Ryan Cantor (another honorable man) and of course Allen Wilson, who tells me he is not permitted to post comments here any more.

                    • Matthew Cunningham

                      You and Ryan go into moderation automatically. You guys need to Deal with it like an adults. It’s amusing to see you refer to yourselves as “honorable” given how often you impugn the character of others based on your suppositions, guesses, suspicions and leaps of logic.

                      Allen Wilson can say whatever he wants. He isn’t banned from commenting here.

              • “Good grief. It would be simple to find a series of examples of you or Zenger’s choice of candidates to support correlating with other groups or individuals, and then claim – with equal invalidity – that you or Zenger are controlling those groups and individuals.”

                Forget Vern, and use me as an example. Now let’s see you back up that “it would be simple” baloney. Go ahead. You said it now do it.

                • Matthew Cunningham

                  Ooo – Zenger says it’s “go time!” Yikes!

                  • Still waiting for you to show your readership an example of how my political support lines up with some group or other. You said it was easy. Now you refuse to try.

                    That’s really chicken. Even for you.

                    • Matthew Cunningham

                      Zenger – get a life, man. I’m not going to waste my time on that. And that doesn’t make your claim true. You and Vern and the rest toss out your idiotic theories and then posture as if they are true until proven false.

                      And now here you are issuing childish taunts like some schoolyard bully. Go feed your cats or something.

        • Mr Zenger, the answer to that question would be the Anaheim Mayor’s Race

  10. Did anyone notice the DA did not specify a candidate of choice to replace Tait. He just said Tait needs to go. I can take that as possible ABT ( anybody but Tait) support of the DA for Lorri Galloway.

    • You go ahead and take it that way, little doggy!

      Of course it has nothing to do with avoiding an in-kind contribution to the candidate he has been campaigning for, but if Lorri wants to embrace this shameless, false, fearmongering and race-baiting ad, let us all know! And say what’s up to your new friend T-Rack.

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