In Case You’re Wondering Just How Radical Jose Moreno Is…

On the campaign trail, left-wing academic Jose Moreno talks a lot about “protecting taxpayers.” As noted in an earlier, it’s an open question how much of taxpayers would be left to protect given the range of new and increased taxes Moreno would support if given the chance.

But for those still in denial of how radical Moreno’s politics are, here’s another example from an October 25, 2013 post on his Facebook page: 

russell brand rant a MUST SEE

Moreno call this interview with British actor Russell brand a “must see” followed by his “It is time Anaheim” slogan, which is how Moreno and others of Anaheim’s radical set indicate their approval for a policy or governmental action.

What does Brand say that Moreno considers to be “must see”? Brand rattles off a diagnosis of what he considers wrong with modern capitalist society – a diagnosis that mirrors Moreno’s public statements. When interviewer Jeremy Paxman asks Brand what his solution is (at about the 4:35 mark in the video), Brand gives this impassioned tirade:

“I think a socialist egalitarian system based on the massive re-distribution of wealth, heavy taxation of corporations, and massive responsibility for energy companies exploiting the environment. The very concept of profit should be hugely reduced. [British Prime Minister] David Cameron says profit isn’t a filthy word – I say profit is a filthy word because wherever there is profit there is deficit.”

“Socialist egalitarian system”?

“Massive re-distribution of wealth”?

“Heavy taxation of corporations”?

“Profit is a filthy word”?

Other than a radical left-winger (and the folks who populate the anti-cop marches in Anaheim each summer), who gets jazzed up by that kind of rhetoric and urges others to bring that kind of “revolution” to Anaheim?  Who other than a left-winger from academia doesn’t understand that such economics punishes initiative, retards liberty and only leads to scarcity and greater poverty?

And this is the ideology to which – unbelievably — Tom Tait is trying to give a seat on the Anaheim City Council dais. 


  1. “Who other than a left-winger from academia doesn’t understand that such economics punishes initiative”

    Hmm. How about the Republicans who support $158,000,000 kickbacks to a hotel developer who can’t get the free market to build a four-start hotel?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Remember, Zenger – this is your man, now. Left-winger Moreno is the other Tait candidate (so much for advancing freedom), so you need to fall in line and cast your vote for this dyed-in-the-wool progressive.

      • Isn’t just it horrid how I’ve been forced to support a left-winger?

        But really, what choice has the oligarchy left? But what about that $158,000,000 tax kickback to develop a hotel the free market couldn’t build? How did that advance anybody’s frredom?

    • Then move to Cuba and join Fidel Castro’s Revolution. Or move to North Korea and work in a prison camp. Or just continue promoting Jose Moreno’s vision of Soviet style long bread line economics.

    • They understand economics. Anaheim is in the convention and tourism business, like it or not. Staying competitive for conventions entails expanding the ACC and building more luxury hotels in the resort area to make it more competitive for the higher-end, higher-spending conventions that inject more revenue into the resort and increase TOT revenue.

      The “giveaway” label is wrong. There are no GardenWalk hotels. The subsidy doesn’t start until the first guest pays his hotel bill, and is money the city isn’t receiving now. And the city is still receiving TOT revenue it doesn’t currently get. After the agreement expires, the city gets all the TOT, and more of it from that site than if it were a 3-star limited service hotel.

      Garden Grove has been doing this for years. Their agreements are expiring, and now the city is getting all the TOT, at levels it wouldn’t be absent those agreements.

      Higher-end, better hotels. More jobs and revenue generated. The resort area stays competitive. What a terrible policy!

      • And yet the private sector (Cunningham’s freedom advancing free enterprise) wouldn’t finance the four start hotel. It needed a tax kickback. How does the O’Connell deal square with free enterprise?

    • One more thing, and it demonstrates how politically short-sighted Mayor Tait really is.

      His lefty allies don’t oppose economic assistance agreements. They oppose the way the GOP majorities on the Anaheim City Council do them: as straight-forward economic development tools. Moreno, OCCORD, UNITE-HERE, etc. support them if prevailing wage, living wage, unionized hotel workers, etc, are part of the deal.

      If Tait gets his way and we go to by-district elections, the irony is we’ll still see GardenWalk deals. But they’ll be bigger, fatter and more laden with “community benefits” that Moreno and the unions love. What a genius.

      • “His lefty allies don’t oppose economic assistance agreements.”

        They may not. But why do supposedly freedom loving free enterprise Republicans like Eastman, Kring, and Murray go goo goo for them?

        Oh, right.

        • Be honest, Zenger. You know very well I am correct about what will happen if Measure L, which you support, passes. You know very well what kind of city council Anaheim will get after a couple of cycles. But you’re such a slavish Tait partisan you won’t admit it.

          Are economic assistance agreements like that with GardenWalk pure free enterprise? Of course not. But it is economic development, and in the context of the long-standing vision for the Resort district, it makes good economic sense, and will bolster economic activity in the Resort. And because we have a GOP majority, aim of this agreement is limited to bridging the feasibility gap in getting these hotels built and operating.

          If you’re hero gets his way this November, future hotel development deals will be GardenWalk on steroids. And the blame will be on Tait and the Taitbots. It’s a shame to see a man who used to be a positive force in Anaheim politics align himself with anyone and do anything in his desperation to be in control.

          • I am always honest.

            I’m pretty sure I know what kind of city council we will get if L passes: hardly distinguishable from the one we have now.

            But there is a slight chance (very slight) that people in my neighborhood will be able to participate in an election that doesn’t cost several hundred thousand bucks to win, money only Disney, SOAR, and the public safety unions can gin up.

            P.S. Giving certain businesses government largesse at the expense of others and upzoning to benefit a few never makes economic sense, unless of course you are in line to get a “win bonus.”

            There is a reason a bank would lend money on the O’Connell deal at an affordable rate and it may have to do with the fact that Disney patrons Ed and Madge from Sioux Center, Iowa have no desire to pay for a stay in a four star hotel.

            Interesting and ironic that your side would now attack Moreno by claiming he would have made the O’Connell deal even worse! Hilariously wrong. He wouldn’t have gone for it at all.

            • “I am always honest.”

              Maybe you you are free with your opinions, Zenger, but that isn’t the same thing as being honest. And there is, in my opinion, a dishonest statement in the same comment:

              “I’m pretty sure I know what kind of city council we will get if L passes: hardly distinguishable from the one we have now.”

              You can’t honestly believe that. Our current council is distinctly right-of-center. Measure L will lead to councils that are distinctly left-of-center, which will enact policies like those we see in Los Angeles. If think there is no difference in terms of policy between the Anaheim City Council and the LA City Council, then your views are so extreme they are hardly worth considering.

              “Interesting and ironic that your side would now attack Moreno by claiming he would have made the O’Connell deal even worse! Hilariously wrong. He wouldn’t have gone for it at all.”

              And you know that how?

  2. How does Tait not see what Jose Moreno is? The man is so bent on getting control of the council, I think he’d endorse Putin if he thought it would give him the majority. So much for being a principled conservative.

    • Very well put!

      • Jack, why are you so terrified of one man? Let’s say Gate Tax Moreno gets in. So what? You’d still have your staunch conservative stalwarts Murray, Eastman, and Kring (okay, I know on this council a 3 vote majority doesn’t mean much – but you also have Brandman in the Oligarch package dea!).

        • The problem is Tait. I can excuse the OJB group for falling for the lies and misdirection but Tait knows full well the benefit of the resort area and how to grow this as a resource. His bluster against the projects there strikes me as personal, selfish and a detriment to Anaheim citizens.

          • “His bluster against the projects there strikes me as personal, selfish and a detriment to Anaheim citizens.”

            Well, Jack, I’ll grant you your opinion on what constitutes a detriment to us citizens of Anaheim. However please explain how Tait’s positions could be construed as personal or selfish.

            • That’s easy. Tait is supporting a left-wing Democrat who wants to create the kind of government that Tait has always opposed, and he’s doing it for a personal selfish: he wants political control of the city council. He’s sacrificing his principles for personal political expediency.

  3. Heh heh … you said “retards liberty”

  4. get a life. Anaheim is here because of one reason only. Dland. Without it, this area would be Garden Grove. Do we have a bunch of small town politicians? yes and we elect them them time and again. If we want change in Anaheim, we are the ones to make it happen. Want clean the streets, pick up your own trash. Stop bad neighborhoods, be responsible for your kids. Want good paying jobs, get educated. (Although currently underemployed with a Masters) Kennedy said it when he stated the “Ask not” statement many years ago. It is time for personal responsibility. It is nice to whine about things but take charge and make things happen. Our politicians will do what they want with or without us. Want graffitti removed DO IT, want the streets cleaned, do it. If there is a gate tax at Dland, don’t go. Where do you want the $ spent? Be a solution and a problem.

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