Phone Banking Operation Targets Conservative Jose Moreno 2

Leftist Jose Moreno (L) and conservative Jose Moreno (R)

Leftist Jose Moreno (L) and conservative Jose Moreno (R)

Left-wing academic Jose F. Moreno 1 must be worried about conservative GOPer Jose Moreno 2 taking away votes. His physical and online campaign materials emphasis his middle initial “F” in order to differentiate the two candidates in voters mind.  

Now, there is a phone-banking operation calling voters, identifying itself as supporting Jose F. Moreno 1 and telling them that Jose Moreno 2 is only on the ballot to throw off voters. Phone-banks cost money. If significant resources are being diverted towards combating voter confusion rather than into voter persuasion, then threat posed by conservative Jose Moreno to left-wing Jose Moreno must be fairly serious.


  1. What a confusing situation this is. I would change my name to Joe and make a strong last minute push.

  2. don’t know or care who you are supporting but if I had the same name as your candidate, I would run and what would you do?

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