8ball_YouMayRelyThere is an Anaheim City Council meeting on Tuesday, October 21. It is the last city council meeting before the election.  

Mayor Tom Tait has said repeatedly that public comments are “sacred” and we can say anything we like. He’s also said many times that more transparency is always a good thing in government and civic affairs.

During next week’s public comments, what if someone asks the mayor who he is voting for city council? We know he’s voting for James Vanderbilt, who is running on a platform of being Tait’s ally on the city council. But for whom is Tom Tait voting for the other council seat?

Certainly not Gail Eastman or Kris Murray.

Jerry O’Keefe and and Doug Pettibone have withdrawn from the race.

Donna Acevedo has endorsed Lorri Galloway for Mayor.

That leaves one of the two Jose Morenos.

So is conservative Republican Tom Tait voting for leftist Democrat Jose Moreno? Or conservative Republican Jose Moreno?

If he is asked, there is no reason he cannot answer that question either in the moment, or during council comments. Since Tait is plainly trying to oust his two council colleagues, why not disclose who he wants to replace them?

If he is casting his ballot for a radical leftist like Jose F. Moreno, whose political philosophy is the opposite of Tait’s, isn’t an explanation in order as to why he, a believer in small government and less taxation and regulation, supports a believer in bigger government and more taxation and regulation?