Lincoln_Club_OC_LogoThe Lincoln Club of Orange County has voted to oppose Measure L and urges Anaheim residents to vote “no” on the union/progressive political project.  According to the Lincoln Club voter guide:

Anaheim – Vote NO on Measure L. Measure L is a union ploy to turn Anaheim into the next Los Angeles with higher taxes and a unionized work force. Breaking the city into districts will not give residents more democratic power; it will reduce representation from 5 council members elected by all voters to 1 council member representing only his/her district.”

Well put. The Lincoln Club is a conservative, rather than partisan, organization of successful business leaders “who share a common belief in the virtue of a government which is limited.” As such, they recognize what Measure L, if adopted, portends for Anaheim: the ascendancy of politicians and political forces who, at their core, apprehend no intrinsic limits on governmental power.  In Anaheim’s case, this would manifest itself in the kinds of municipal policies characterizing cities such as Los Angeles and Oakland. 

The political Left recognizes this as well, which is why they have been pushing this project for the last two years. It’s a shame Mayor Tom Tait disregard blind to the political and policy consequences and is serving as chief Republican spokesman for what the Lincoln Club sees to be a “union ploy.”