Anaheim Firefighters Association Calls Tait To Cease Implying Its Support By Using Old Photo

This came over the transom from the Anaheim Firefighters Association:

AFA press release Tait photo

The press release is referring to this mailer from the Tait campaign:

The mailer in question.

The mailer in question.

This circled photo is from the 2010 campaign, when both the Anaheim Firefighters Association and the Anaheim Police Association endorsed Tait for mayor. Funny how how having a public employee union endorsement wasn’t a bad thing when Tait received it in 2010, but is now considered the Mark of Cain by the Tait campaign’s more vociferous advocates.


  1. Will we hear from the Mayor why he has lost support of police, fire and the DA?

    …or will the more likely event be that he sends his attack team to swamp blogs while ducking comment on anything significant as to his record of failed leadership

  2. I hope firefighters speak during Public Comment at the next City Council meeting and demand the Mayor stopping using them in his campaign. He is misleading voters.

  3. Stand for Anaheim

    Yes, firefighters must do that! That is the only way to bring his childish UNKIND behavior to light.

  4. The Firefighters need to drop copies of this letter on every Anaheim porch. Tait is a fraud.

  5. Any word from the Mayor yet addressing why he lost support of police and fire?

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