Anaheim Police Association PAC Hits Tom Tait On Public Saftey with Cable TV Ad

The Anaheim Police Association PAC has paid for a TV ad featuring APA President Kerry Condon chastizing Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait on public safety, particularly his long fight to establish a police oversight commission of the kind being pushed by anti-police activists (for example, the ACLU and the Freedom Socialist Party).

Entitled “Split Second,” the ad apparently began running this morning:

Here’s the ad script:

Anaheim’s police officers serve and protect our families and friends from dangerous gangs and criminals.

Our lives are at risk every day, and our safety and yours depend on us making split second decisions.

Mayor Tom Tait supports a political commission with unaccountable appointees second guessing every police officer’s actions, after the fact.

That would make our job more dangerous, and the people of Anaheim less safe.

You have more than a split second to think about how you vote. Anaheim Police recommend you vote No on Tom Tait.

Anaheim needs a new Mayor.

According to this Form 460 filed yesterday, the initial cable buy for the TV ad was $25,000.


  1. Pretty clear law enforcement is firmly aligned against Team Tait. Would love to hear the Mayor respond to why the DA and his own police force think he needs to go.

    To be clear, we don’t need Cantor and Zenger to invent facts or Diamond/Nelson paranoid conspiracy responses. I would really like to hear the mayor or someone speaking on behalf of his campaign explain why he has lost the confidence of law enforcement.

  2. Queue the apologists and the man himself as they go into full defense mode. I’m sure we’ll hear the usual song and dance about union bully tactics, pension grabs, etc., etc.

    But none of that will explain the actions of a mayor who lives behind guard gates and doesn’t support law enforcement’s efforts to stop gang violence in our City.

  3. gabriel san roman

    Except every council member voted for the pilot public safety board. But Condon already knew that!

    • Matthew Cunningham

      True, and I wish they hadn’t. But the reality that you ignore is that this was a pet project of Mayor Tait, advanced at the behest of a group of activists who routinely vilify the Anaheim police as racist brutes and murderers who intentionally target young Latino men for violence. You also ignore that the mayor wanted a much more powerful commission, with the ability to issue subpoenas – which the APA and many others rightfully opposed.

  4. Truth at City Hall

    The Council did not vote for the public safety board. It was developed by the former interim city manager as a pilot program that Tom Tait announced at this year’s State of the City prior to any consideration by the City Council or the public.

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