Anaheim Maibox: IEs Hitting Jose Moreno On Taxes

For more the last week a series if independent expenditures have been hitting the two official and one unofficial member of Team Tait with a series of negative mailers. Most have been hit against James Vanderbilt and Jose Moreno from the OCTax PAC.

The mailers targeting Moreno have focused on his “openness” to a variety of new and increased taxes such as a “gate” tax, for which his support goes back at least two years. This was the first to land, hitting mail boxes last week:

OC Tax hit on Moreno 10-18-14_Page_1


A second mailer landed over the weekend (which I don’t have at hand) and the third one landed today:

3rd OC Tax hit on Moreno 10-23-14_Page_1


I’ll post the anti-Vanderbilt mailers shortly in a separate post.


  1. I agree with Jose F Moreno that taxes can be a very good idea! Muy bueno! I think we should tax gangbangers and their culpable parents into bankruptcy!

  2. Stand for Anaheim

    If Anaheim elects Jose F. Moreno, they voluntarily agree to be taxed. He is HORRIBLE! Has anybody read his racist book? He hates anybody who is not Mexican yet, he lives in a swanky house. He is a walking LIAR and a JOKE!

    • You know him well. That’s exactly who he is. Moreno throws the stone and hides behind un-suspecting folks who believe his crap. But looks like people are starting to see who he is.

      On November 4 VOTE NO ON MORENO, TAIT, L, AND M!!!

  3. Actually, higher taxes in the Bay Area, Anthem main problem isn’t tqxas but crappy educational levels. One reason why higher tax San Jose outperforms Anaheim by huge margins. Also, Latino majority towns are going to moved to the left. La is and Houston in Texas is. So, anahiem the end of the republicans in 10 years. Cheap labor brought your woe.

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