Anaheim Mailbox: IE Hits Tom Tait On Crime and Public Safety

This mailer hitting Mayor Tom Tait on crime and public safety started landing in voter mailboxes yesterday:

Citizens hit on Tait with TR 10-23-14_Page_1


Citizens hit on Tait with TR 10-23-14_Page_2

The mailer is from the Citizens for Anaheim’s Future committee, which also paid for the cable TV ad starring OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas hitting the same themes and concluding with the same “Anaheim needs a new mayor” punch line.

Earlier this week the Anaheim Police Association issued a tough press release scorching the mayor for campaign mailers implying law enforcement support by featuring photos of Tait with Chief Raul Quezada and Anaheim police officers.


  1. Stand for Anaheim

    Tait should be worried about himself and stop using his family trust money to hit two female colleagues. What a sick man.

  2. Has the mayor responded in any fashion as to how he feels fit to lead when he has fully lost the confidence of police and fire? A valid question voters should know the answer to before entering the ballot box.

  3. If Mayor Tait had implemented my strategy for a Mayoral Decree against violent street-gangs then he would not be in this predicament today. I like Mayor Tait but he chose the wrong path and did not support police as I have or at least gone public with a Mayoral Decree against gangs to let gangs know that the Mayor and city government will throw gangs out of Anaheim. He refused to go public with a Mayoral Decree against gangs because he thinks by staying quiet that Latinos will vote for him. Very bad error in judgement thanks to the bad influence of Jose F Moreno. Now a little girl has been shot and killed. What will Mayor Tait say to the girls father. They moved here to Anaheim thinking it was safe to play at the Park. So very sad. We need leadership. We need Mayor Tait to tell gangs to pack their bags and exit Anaheim!

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