Please Donate to the Fund for Ximena Meza Funeral

ximena mezaAs readers are no doubt aware, 9-year old Ximena Meza was senselessly, awfully murdered in a gang crossfire yesterday evening as she played with friends in front of her apartment in west Anaheim:

A white, stuffed cat and plush bunny animal sat Thursday morning in the spot near where Ximena was shot. A flickering religious candle honored her.

William Meza said his family moved into the Anaheim apartment three months ago.

“We had a very big loss,” he said.

Jennifer Smith, who has lived in the apartment next to the Meza’s for five years, said she heard three consecutive shots Wednesday night and immediately called 911.

Smith said she went outside and saw William Meza holding Ximena in his arms, begging for someone to help him. But she never saw the shooter.

“They’re cowards,” she said. “Cowards. If you’re going to kill a little girl, why don’t you stay until the cops show up?”

A online fund has been set up to accept donations to defray the costs to the Meza family of Ximena’s funeral. Click on this link to the “Ximena’s Funeral Fund” page on lease give generously, and more importantly, keep her family and friends in your prayers.

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  1. I swear to God there will not be one active criminal street-gang member left in Anaheim when me and my Mexican and Mexican-American friends are finished throwing them out. AVLS, Boyz, Kings, Travelers and all must disband. And it’s high time for Anaheim’s Mayor to hold accountable culpable parents like Genevieve Huizar. Anyone caught sympathizing with gang members must leave Anaheim and that includes everyone at Los Amigos.

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