Anaheim Police Arrest Two Suspects In Murder of Ximena Meza

ximena meza

9-year old Ximena Meza, murdered in a gang shoot-out crossfire on Thursday evening.


Welcome news. The Anaheim Police Department issued this press release today:

Anaheim Police Arrest Two Suspects in Murder of Ximena Meza – Press Conference Scheduled to Discuss the Investigation Incident Overview

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014 around 7:15 P.M. Anaheim Police Officers were called to the 2300 block of W. Greenacre Ave. to investigate the shooting of 9 year-old Anaheim resident Ximena Meza. Meza had been to the front of her apartment complex playing with her sisters when gunshots rang out. Meza was struck once in her chest by an assailant’s bullet. She was rushed to a local hospital and succumbed to her injuries around 8:00 P.M.

In the short time since the shooting, Anaheim Police Department Homicide Detectives have been tirelessly working to find the person(s) responsible for the murder of Meza. The investigation included a community meeting at Brookhurst Park, the interview of numerous witnesses, and the processing / collection of evidence. Preliminarily the investigation suggests two or more suspects drove down Greenacre Ave. from Crescent Ave. in a white vehicle. Near where Meza and her sisters played, a male suspect exited the white car and opened fire with a handgun. His intended targets were a group of men who were congregated just west of where Meza played. Meza and her sisters were caught in the line of fire. The group of men fled the scene on foot while the white car, containing the suspect, sped away. It is believed the shooting was gang motivated. To date, no additional victims have been located.

On October 24, 2014 shortly after 11:00 P.M. two suspects were arrested at the Anaheim Police Department for the shooting death of Ximena Meza. Ricardo Cruz, 19, of Buena Park and Alfredo Miguel Aquino, 20, of Anaheim were arrested and booked for Murder.  They are currently being held, on 1 million dollars bail, at the Anaheim Police Department Temporary Detention Facility. At the time of this writing, booking photographs of the suspects are not available. However, they will be available at the press conference.

Press Conference
Through the media, the murder of Ximena Meza has gained national attention leading to numerous investigative leads. Chief Raul Quezada and members of the Anaheim Police Department will hold a Press Conference to address developments in the investigation and discuss the arrest of the suspects. The details of the press conference are:

Date/Time: Saturday, October 25, 2104 @ 2:00 P.M.

Location: Brookhurst Park – 2271 W. Crescent Ave.


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    Promising News

  2. Will Tom Tait bring the mothers of these two gang bangers to the press conference and ask us to feel sorry for them?

    Are Donna Acevedo and the rest of them show up to Film The Police?

  3. Congratulations to Anaheim’s Law Enforcement Professionals for bringing these gangbangers to justice. Now we need a Mayoral Decree. We have asked for this before. Mayor Tait must show leadership and send a message to criminal street-gangs that gangbanging will not be tolerated and that we will take every action to remove every single criminal street-gang member from Anaheim. The Decree must include a message to culpable parents of gang members that they will be held accountable for their sons gangbanging. Mayor Tait, you must do this now.

  4. Mayor Tait, call the Mayor of Buena Park and form a partnership of cities against gangs. Take a stand against Buena Park criminal street-gang barrio pobre x3. You must do this now.

  5. Way to go. The Anaheim Police did their jobs. Maybe those in the neighborhood can offer a little gratitude

  6. Nice way to celebrate with capture
    and let’s hope there is no retaliation. enjoy the halloween parade

  7. So thankful for the work of the Anaheim Police Department. Gangs are a real problem in town. And while Mayor Tommy plays politics with his daddy’s money, our officers are working to save lives. Viva APD!

  8. what about rest of City Council? Tait is doing his part. What about the community doing their part? Yes, there is a problem and until the community starts offering solutions and not just creating problems nothing will change.” Ask not what the City can do for you, ask what you can do for the City.” Be a part of the change for the better. (Although I bet nothing happens and nothing will change.)

    • “Tait is doing his part”? How exactly is he doing that? Other than running his “gang bangers are people too” campaign?

      • explain the rest of the council reactions! What can they do? Do you have a solution or are you just part of the problem. What is the community themselves doing to improve their neighborhoods. Some of these communities need to take responsibility and clean us their acts also. It is the responsibility of the community to make an effort to improve their neighborhood. The City is a partner to this, all I hear is the City is making this area miserable. They are not sending police to this area. When they do respond, the community does not exactly welcome the police with open arms. I would like to see the folks in the neighborhoods take some initiative to assist. It is a partnership without the community activists. Just grassroots efforts to show the City and the entire Council that “we are ready for a change.”

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