two taits caption

Anaheim Insider here.

Has anyone else noticed how the Tait campaign and Tait supporters in general react to any criticism of their man they way Scientologists do toward critics of L. Ron Hubbard? They come unglued at the suggestion the Mayor is wrong on something, being unkind to his colleagues or distorting facts.

At the same time, they either enthusiastically echo any attack by the Tait campaign (and let’s be honest, the Tait Family Trust IEs are part of the larger Tait re-election campaign), or are silent about them. 

I noticed an example of this this morning after reading the post about the Tait campaign crying foul over its media ally Brian Calle being accurately if unhelpfully quoted calling the Mayor an “advocate for the people who were rioting and their issues.” Tait opponents are ‘despicable” for accurately quoting what Calle really said.

But on Tait’s campaign Twitter feed, he’s claiming those criticizing his actions regarding the Angels negotiation are motivated by the “hope of making a profit off the stadium deal.”  The Mayor’s campaign names no names, provides no evidence; just indiscriminately besmirching his critics. His campaign goes on to call Kris Murray and Gail Eastman dishonest by saying voters need to replace them with a “new, honest council.” 

This is the same Tom Tait who at October 7 council meeting said he “looked forward to working with his colleagues” on the negotiating a deal with the Angels. How can the Mayor say he looks forward to working with his colleagues and in the next breath say they’re dishonest and must be defeated? Which is it?

This kind of doubletalk doesn’t faze Tait fans. The obvious tension between the endless talk about “kindness” while simultaneously acting in a very unkind way toward his colleagues seems to be lost on them.