Anaheim Elections Advisory Committee Member Gloria Ma’ae: “Measure L is Not the Answer for Anaheim”

Gloria Ma’ae is a long-time resident of Anaheim’s flatlands who is active in the civic affairs of the city. When the City Council appointed the Anahem Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) on Elections and Public Participation in 2012 following the ACLU-Jose F. Moreno lawsuit seeking the imposition of by-district council elections without a vote of the people, Gloria applied and was appointed.

The CAC’s charge was to study the city’s election system and make recommendations to the council for improving public participation and on what, if any, changes should be made to how the council is elected. [it’s worth noting here that Mayor Tait’s two appointees were both partisan Democrats.] By her own account, Gloria began the process with a truly open mind on the question of at-large versus district elections. After nearly 9 months of hearing from elections and other experts and (the relatively) few residents who spoke – and witnessing the active campaign by OCCORD and UNITE-HERE to manipulate the process —  Gloria concluded that by-district elections would be divisive and ill-serve good government in Anaheim.

Gloria is one of six community leaders who signed the ballot argument against Measure L. She isn’t a big donor or power player – just a resident who cares about her city and who clearly sees the destructive path down which OCCORD, UNITE-HERE, Tom Tait and an assortment of Bay Area leftists want to take Anaheim.

In this video she is speaking at the October 7 city council meeting, urging a “No” vote on Measure L:


  1. Gloria Ma’ae is a class act. I hope a majority of Anaheim voters share her common sense and don’t buy the lies and phony promises from Tait and the unions.

  2. I met her and she seems to really care about her neighborhood.

    Team Tait is a Democratic operation.

  3. This 11th hour endorsement was a real head scratcher. If you’re opposed to Districts then why endorse its biggest cheerleaders? Good Lord.

  4. BTW – the last comment was meant about the OCR Editorial – not about Miss Ma’ae – to many posts to keep up with. My apologies to Gloria!

  5. Gloria cares greatly about her City. I get the opportunity to work along side if her and look forward to her leadership.

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